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CEO of this endeavor will be Tony Hsieh. This project shall focus on the projects and plans that are or should be under way for the company that Tony Hsieh leads, that being Zappos. Zappos is an online shoe retailer that used to operate as its own company. They have since been acquired by and Jeff Bezos but Hsieh is still the man running things.

• Summarize the team charter here to emphasize your:

• The main objectives of this project will be to improve the company culture of Zappos, ensure that there is proper strategic alignment with parent and ensure that the business model in question is proper given the retail and other facets of the American market as well as any markets that Zappos sells and ships to.

• The ground rules for the team shall be fairly simple. There will be a project leader that makes any final decisions if there is an impasse. However, the other people in the group (including the leader) will act as equals with everyone having a say. Everyone will be respectful, not interrupt others as they are talking and so forth.

• In terms of the leadership and personnel in the team, there will be the project leader. There will also be perspectives from each group member including those about information technology, company culture, emotional intelligence and supply chain mechanics and efficiency. The different prisms and perspectives to be contributed will be delegated to the team members in a roughly equal fashion so that no one person is shouldering too much of the work.

• At a high level, the charter of this group is to take a third party and outside view of the inner workings of Zappos and how they do things. Items that are of concern, that are under-defined and that are not being done to the level needed will all be identified and addressed

• All findings will be backed up by scholarly and impartial research rather than relying on rosy assumptions or outcomes from Zappos and their public relations people. In other words, the lay of the land as it truly is and what the firm should do differently will all be focused upon. The final presentation of this report can be in printed report.....

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