Flaw in U.S. Electoral System Essay

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Flaw in U.S. Electoral System Essay

Essay Prompt

Is the Election System Flawed?

What do you believe to be the greatest challenge or flaw in our current campaign and election system? Why? Next, describe how you would address or fix this problem. Your response should be a minimum of a paragraph in length (5-7 sentences).

Flawed U.S. Electoral System

While many people will have varying and different opinions, the biggest problem with the electoral system is the party system, and for a couple of reasons. First, people of the same party will band together against the actions of another party just because it is the other side doing it and not because of the merits. For example, many Democrats were against the use of executive orders when George W. Bush was using them but they are quizzically silent (for the most part) when Obama does the same thing (Moore, 2014). Similarly, Republicans would probably want Antonin Scalia replaced right away if a Republican was President, but he is not (Kaplan, 2016). Beyond that, there are many people that vote a straight party ticket even if they know nothing about the candidates in question. This speaks more to the blatant ignorance of some voters but the mostly two-party system in place right now does not help. If everyone had to stand on their own merits and ideas and there was no pressure from party loyalists and leadership to tow the party line, a lot more would get done. Basically, everyone would have to run on their own ideas and principles (or voting history for incumbents) and there would be no expectation of bending to the pressure of party leadership…just the voters. This is the way it should be.


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