Abortion Is Every Woman's Right A-Level Outline Answer

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Abortion Is Every Woman's Right

the issue of abortion remains controversial, with different class-oriented, cultural, religious and ethical factors playing important roles in the debate, as well as social factors, related to the role of the individual in society. This paper argues that, in the end, the decision over one's body (given normal circumstances, such as soundness of mind) remains that of the individual and not of anybody else involved, from legislators to religious leaders.

"One controversy that pans the socio-political and cultural paradigm in the late 20th and early 21st century is that of the overall morality of abortion"

Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy.

There are significant moral controversies surrounding abortion, from the mother's, the fetus's or the society's perspective.

Moral controversies surrounding the mother are based on how unlimited the woman's right is towards her body, including whether she can use abortion as a contraceptive tool.

2. Moral controversies surrounding the fetus start with the moment when the abortion is undertaken.

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3. From a social perspective, utilitarian principles could argue that abortion harms society overall, making it less viable and functional.

4. From a cultural and legal perspective, the issue of abortion is marked by the Roe v. Wage decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.

II. There is a significant amount of literature and studies about the topic of abortion, particularly related to the Roe v. Wage decision.

A. The majority of the 9 judges who made the decision in this case looked at the rights of the individual, both in a State and Federal context.

1. The decision emphasized that, under both the Ninth and the Fourteenth Amendment, women have the right to decide over their….....

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