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The primary theoretical models of conflict include the cooperative model, principled negotiation, human needs model, conflict transformation, and conflict transmutation (Dixit, 2004). Theoretical bases for conflict resolution include both macro-level and micro-level frameworks that guide understanding of human behavior and decision-making (Cunningham, 1998). Many theories of conflict resolution at some point refer to human needs theory, which helps clarify sources of conflict as being traceable to unmet needs. Conflict arises when fundamental needs are not being met, and resolutions are more likely to arise when parties recognize what their needs are as well as those of their opponents. Conflict resolution theories based on needs theory focus on how multiple parties with differential needs can reach peaceable and mutually beneficial solutions (Burton, 1990). The goal of conflict resolution will be to attain win-win outcomes, which may ironically require both personal humility and the offering of concessions.

Although human needs theory remains salient in understanding root causes of and possible solutions to conflict, the conflict resolution strategy that pertains more specifically to my own personal and professional life is conflict transformation. Conflict transformation essentially blends human needs theory with the principles of transformational leadership. The leader—whether serving as mediator, arbitrator, facilitator, or broker—works to empower all stakeholders. Too often, leaders inadvertently or purposely strip power from the primary parties in order to impose an artificial peace.

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Conflict resolution strategies that do not include transformational leadership are almost always destined to fail because the parties will not perceive the terms as being legitimate. Human needs theory also shows that conflict resolution strategies that do not empower each party will also fail to fulfill the fundamental needs that were not being met in the first place.

Moreover, conflict transformation encourages the kind of compassionate view necessary to engender meaningful and long-lasting resolutions. I am not always able to use conflict transformation strategies in my personal and professional life, but my goal is to become a transformational leader. A transformational leader empowers members of conflicting parties to accomplish two essential goals: one, to “understand their own situation and needs,” and second, to “recognize the situation and needs of their opponents,” (Dixit, 2004, p. 1). Transformational leadership and conflict transformation therefore depend on the evolution of emotional intelligence. My ability to lead in the area of conflict resolution will continually be guided by my commitment to development of emotional intelligence: including self-awareness and cognizance of personal biases, and also empathy for all parties involved.

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