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My future in the energy industry is bright because I believe I have the academic requirement, skills, and competencies to succeed. My main long-term goal is to become a recognized leader in the energy industry. I believe that if the energy industry is to earn due respect from the general public, then it requires the work and effort of honest, dedicated leaders who are ready to transform it for the better. For starters, I am about to complete my degree, which is the basic requirement for entry into any industry. My main objective is to attain a higher level of education within the next four years and earn my Master's degree. What is more, aside from the education, I endeavor to rack up training courses and apprenticeships along the way as these play a great part in meeting the skills necessitated in the industry. In addition, my purpose is to not only advance the industry but also to develop my community in a more effective manner, which is important to realize a brighter future.

The energy industry is growing and advancing at a very fast pace and therefore the prospects that are coming about within the industry can only increase.
What is more, with the progression in globalization, this pace will only get faster. An additional aspect is that at present, the energy industry is facing a shortage of skilled technicians and professional experts (International Labour Office 89). This paves way for young individuals such as me to prove their worth and what they bring to the table. In addition, I believe that I have an optimistic and bright future ahead of me because I have several great ideas and notions for the industry. With the progression in technology and my skills in research, I will be able to utilize such information and help the industry unravel newer vistas *(Saloda and Narendra 28).

The energy industry is developing and growing across the world. As a result, the industry necessitates leaders who are willing, prepared and ready to take the industry to a much-advanced position at all levels. These are individuals that have braveries enough to take on tomorrow and transform it into something they own. These are individuals who are not simply sitting waiting for opportunities to knock on their door for the reason that they are already full of activity building accesses of….....

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