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I always appreciated the smiles and the nods of encouragement. Other travelers were able to blend right in, lost in the endless shuffle of suits and college students hurrying home. But they always saw me coming, right away. I never minded, and learned to like the dignity and respect that typically accompanied the camouflaged fatigues, heavy boots, and large duffle bag I toted with me in the security lines, especially when I knew I was flying home.

I served in the army of the United States military for four years, during which time I grew well accustomed to life outside of that as a regular civilian. That experience is the primary motivation I have for joining the Foreign Service, and to become a Diplomatic Security Special Agent in particular. Other soldiers I served with who enjoyed their duties were partial to the camaraderie and sense of togetherness which pervades the armed forces, particularly during overseas deployments. Although I appreciated the solidarity found in most of the regiments I served in, I always took a personal sense of pride in representing the country and its way of life. For me, that responsibility was more than just a task, but a privilege which I took seriously and still, even now, continue to honor.

Therefore, I would like to become a Diplomatic Security Special Agent in the Foreign Service so I can continue to personally help our country in which everyone can take pride.
My experience in the army dutifully prepared me for this career path. I was able to learn the value of functioning within the framework of a larger organization, to maintain a code of honor, and to preserve the integrity of order and the chain of command which facilitated it.

Furthermore, I learned a great deal of self-confidence from working in the armed forces. Although camaraderie is a large part of the experience in the army, I also had to rely on my self and my prowess in a number of different situations. In the regiments in which I was a part of, I was forced to fulfill job functions with a certain degree of autonomy. As such, I earned the virtues of self-reliance and confidence which has prepared me for some of the independent work which is inherent to the Foreign Service and special agents in other branches, as well.

The majority of my personal interests coincide with my background as the motivation for attempting to serve as a Diplomatic Security Special Agent. I have always been partial to the outdoors and….....

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