Environmentalism and Some Positive and Negative Trends Essay

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Urbanization, population growth, and environmental degradation are among the most pressing problems in the world today (Coleman & Kerbo, 2009). Until recently, these issues would have been dealt with on local, national, or regional levels. When the Industrial Revolution began, the results of urbanization, population growth, and pollution were experienced mainly on a local level. Yet now, these are problems shared by every person on the planet. Urbanization means that many rural communities are struggling, as they lose young people who seek opportunities in cities. It also means that cities struggle to accommodate for the influx of people, leading to infrastructure problems, overcrowding, and poor quality of life. Industrial growth and development worldwide has also led to widespread problems that are no longer localized. Climate change impacts even those areas with the least infrastructure or industrialization. Wind and water currents know no geo-political boundaries, and nor does the ozone layer. A build-up of greenhouse gases impacts all people, which is why solutions to environmental problems need to be tackled in a spirit of collaboration. In “The Environment: Re-Addressing Global Trends and Contemporary Issues,” Adebobola (n.d.) shows how democratic institutions at the national level are the key to creating collaborative solutions to environmental problems.

Adebobola (n.d.) first discusses some of the main environmental problems, their causes, and possible solutions. Population growth has contributed to the environmental problems because of increased demands on agricultural yields and on natural resource extraction.

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Deforestation and other consequences of unbridled economic activities are also causing potentially irreversible harm. Adebobola (n.d.) notes that industrial and economic development have been allowed to proceed unfettered for a century, and only now are people realizing that unless changes are made to environmental policy, humanity will endure collective tragedies. The author points out that environmental problems are not just about climate change and impacts like natural disasters, but about national security too. Wars could easily be fought over access to water. Natural disasters or droughts could lead to mass migration and environmental refugee crises.

The global scale of environmental degradation aside, pollution at the local level is impacting public health and lowering quality of life. Adebobola (n.d.) notes that urban centers are not the only places impacted by pollution. Water pollution can affect not just areas with high population densities but also rural regions. Polluted water can also impact the integrity of food sources, as agriculture requires access to clean water. Food shortages are not, however, localized to the regions experiencing water pollution or drought. As Adebobla (n.d.) points out, the international food trade has led to interdependence among nations. Africa and Asia, for example, depend on certain types of grain….....

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