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‘I’ve Been Pondering Whether You Can Be a Part-feminist’

This is an article by Kate Hughes that is based on a qualitative year-long study of young women and their perception of feminism. The author intended to establish if there are any changes in perception of gender within the personal lives of the women after they took the Women's Studies program (Hughes). It is clear that gender perceptions are based on an individual's culture and upbringing with different cultures having different views on the roles of women. This article articulates this clearly and the author has managed to demonstrate how these perceptions change within a short period of time. The women were first interviewed when they began the program and a follow up was done 9 months later. The responses by the interviewees initially were reserved and most of the young women felt they were being influenced by their cultures. However, during the second interviewees, the responses differed from their first interview and most of them had a different perception of gender roles.

The author conducted a study with a group of 20 undergraduate students who were taking Women's Studies within the university. The participants were from different
cultural backgrounds i.e. Anglo-Australia, Croatia, German, Greek, New Zealand, Philippines, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, Malta, and Vietnam and they were all aged between 17 years and 20 years.
The purpose of the study was to establish the perception change on gender within the society and individually. From the article, it is clear that most of the women believe they had more freedom than their parents or grandparents. Most of the women had initially indicated that men had more power and freedom than women, but during their second interview this perception had changed and they all seemed to have the same notion that men and women are equal (Hughes). Before the program, the participants believed that culture was the main determinant of these differences. However, after taking only one semester of the course, their perceptions were altered and they no longer saw culture as a hindrance.

The author assumes that the women changed their perception because of the course they were taking, but it is possible that the women were also influenced by the western culture. The women were mostly children of immigrants and they were no longer bound to follow their strict culture this might have led them….....

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‘I've Been Pondering Whether You Can Be a Part-Feminist’: Young Australian Women's Studies Students Discuss Gender. Women's Studies International Forum. 2005. Elsevier.

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