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A roughly overgeneralized list of great moments in film genres in America may give the suggestion that the history of the different genres summarizes the development of individuals within the society. For instance, with respect to the comedic genre, the first significant phase in such films is more often than not linked with revolutionary, polymorphous individuals such as Chaplin. With respect to the weepy genre of films, Erich Segal is considered to the revolutionary individual that not only instigated it but also paved the way for similar films. The present-day movie scene is dominated and filled with movies in the romantic comedy genre. At the moment, there are genres that are made for making individuals cry and are deemed to be weepy films, books and plays. Weepy is not basically entertainment, but neither can it be deemed simply tasteless. In particular, the entertainment industry has a preference for sitcoms at the present moment, which are made to instigate laughter amongst the audience (Heller, 2005). Essentially, this is considered to be a film that makes the audience eventually feel good subsequent to a sequence of comic mistakes and mix-ups and in which in the end the boy ends up getting the girl. However, the opposite of this genre is referred to as the weepie and in these kinds of films, the boy does not end up getting the girl. Such films cause the audience to have major feelings with regard to the storyline in the hope of having the boy getting the girl though this does not happen.

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The article by Moyes (2010) discusses the legacy set by Erich Segal regarding films that make the audience cry through the introduction of the film Love Story. Love Story is substantially short and really sentimental. Love Story covers the sad love story between Jeniffer Cavilleri and Oliver Barrett IV. In simple, the plot of the film takes encompasses the story of a boy and girl hailing from different backgrounds, an intractable hurdle to live, a prevue of happiness and thereafter the terminal loss of the girl and making the boy not get the girl. At the end of the day, Moyes (2010) argues that it is through Love Story that similar weepie films came about, consisting of ET, Truly Madly Deeply and Stand by Me. According to the article, audiences watch weepies not for the thought provoking channel of communication or the creatively framed movie making, but moreover because people enjoy going through the emotional rollercoaster that is generated from the film. Erich Segal is considered to be the founder of sad movies that make the audiences cry and weep. His film, Love Story, made history during its unveiling….....

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