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GoPro Social Media

The Gopro camera is an action-oriented personal camera that can be mounted virtually anywhere and record spectacular action sequences with stillness and clarity never before possible through the use of handheld equipment. Gopro's use of social media -- particularly Youtube, where user videos are uploaded and shared with millions of viewers -- is a great way for the company to market itself to consumers, who are a given numerous examples of just what they could do and capture with their own Gopro mounted camera.

GoPro has branded itself as the camera for all things extreme: its tag at the end of its online videos is "Be a Hero" -- and is displayed at the end of videos such as that of the man training a pelican to hunt fish and to fly. The camera company is appealing to individualistic people looking to do something different, something exciting, something off the beaten path -- something that matters both to themselves and to the world. People can capture moments in their lives -- such as splashing with their kids in the waves at the beach -- or sledding down a hill -- with unbelievable lucidity made possible by Gopro technology. Gopro is so innovative, its cameras were used to make the world's first ever first-person point-of-view full-length action film -- Hardcore Henry -- which dared to reinvent the action film genre and won raves for its unique visual approach to cinema (Bishop, 2016).
Gopro is thus situated on the cutting edge of camera technology and encourages users to post via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube all the great footage they are able to capture.

GoPro thus emphasizes "the feedback loop between adventure, social media, and the gadgets themselves" by showing that amazing pictures and video can be taken using Gopro cameras (Burney, 2015). Using Instagram, Gopro was able to draw massive attention to its brand. In 2014, for example, the company increased its Instagram content output by nearly 100%, posting more than 40 pictures and nearly 20 videos per month at the end of the year (Burney, 2015). Those posts translate into consumer engagement, as the consumer feels it is part of a special activity and that Gopro is more than just a manufacturer -- it is also a promoter of the lifestyle and content that users want to see actively supported via social media. By promoting the sharing of content, Gopro essentially gets consumers to act as marketers for the company -- and consumers in exchange receive the benefit of being able to share unique and visually stunning footage on a platform seen all over the world by like-minded individuals. Gopro's usage of Instagram serves as a….....

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