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Business Proposal YOLO

Marketing Plan

YOLO will use social media to address the 4 P’s. Since YOLO’s business strategy is all about differentiating itself from other club competitors by being a “pop-up” night club that sets up shop in a new venue every time, social media is the perfect marketing tool to alert patrons of where the party is getting started.

The party, of course, is the product. The place is new every time. The promotion can be delivered online, and the price can be competitive as there is little overhead involved in having only a pop-up “rave” type of set-up.

Conveying all of this information will be possible with social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. As everyone has smart phones today, the information will be able to be dropped at a certain time of day, giving patrons a short notice ahead of time. Getting to the party then becomes part of the fun. Patrons will be encouraged to record their adventures on their phones and share them with us on our social media platforms.

What the company will focus on doing will be similar to the GoPro experience—creating user-generate content that can be uploaded to our social media sites and shared with thousands of people.
If we can get some of these videos to go viral, our company’s brand and image will become instantly famous and attract visitors from all over the nation and quite possibly the world.

Nothing says new like novelty—and our company aims to differentiate or die, which is exactly the type of marketing campaign that is needed to get YOLO on the map permanently (Trout & Rivkin, 2006). For this reason, YOLO will have no physical store. We will exist ethereally, popping for the party and the disappearing. We will have a storage space for equipment but that is all.

Operational Plan

The key managers in the business will be the CEO, CFO and marketing director in charge of social media. Their backgrounds will be both entrepreneurial and managerial. The company’s overall management style will be loose, in keeping with the overall nature of the company: employees will be contractual as opposed to salaried and we will hire for a series of events a night at the time so that contract workers can sign up for as many or as few as they like according….....

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Trout, J. & Rivkin, S. (2006). Differentiate or die. In The marketing Gurus (ed. Murray). NY: Penguin.

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