Mortgage Servicer Compliance with CFPB Regulations Essay

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Mortgage servicers are mandated with the responsibility of collecting payments from the mortgage borrower and transferring the payments to the loan owners (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2016). When carrying out their responsibilities, mortgage servicers are required to comply with regulations established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and federal consumer right law. Compliance with these regulations help in ensuring that mortgage servicers carry out their operations in a proper and legal manner. This paper examines compliance issues facing mortgage servicers in two different scenarios based on CFPB regulation and federal consumer right law.

Rachel’s Case

Based on the information provided in Rachel’s case, the major issue is the unavailability of information on payment history for her loan before it was transferred to LandX. The federal regulation that was violated in this scenario is regulation regarding transfers. In this case, Rachel’s loan was transferred to LandX as part of loan modification process. However, as stipulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (2016), transfer of loans during this process increases risks to consumers including the failure to accurately transfer information and documents to the new servicer. During the loan modification process in Rachel’s case, LightBank, which has since filed for bankruptcy, failed to accurately transfer documents and information to the new mortgage servicer i.e. LandX.

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This failure is a violation of CFPB’s regulations and provisions of the federal consumer right law.

This violation has serious implications on Rachel’s repayment of the loan since its very difficult to establish the mistake that was made by LightBank in 2012 as she alleges. The mistake that was made on Rachel’s account in 2012 could significantly affect the amount she repays for her loan. This is primarily because LandX cannot prove or disprove the alleged mistake because of lack of documentation that covers that financial period. LandX could address this problem by establishing a proper platform for transfer of information and documents from LightBank. According to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (2016), compliance with service transfers regulations requires establishment of proper platforms for transfer of information between mortgage servicers. Incompatibilities in such platforms hinder accurate transfer of necessary information and documents, which could affect loan repayment as shown in Rachel’s case.

Norman’s Case

In Norman’s case, LandX did not violate any CFPB regulations and regulations in the federal consumer right law. An analysis of the information provided in this scenario indicates….....

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