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Ooredoo Kuwait

Ooredoo Kuwait is one of the operating companies under Ooredoo Group, which is a global telecommunications firm headquartered in Doha, Qatar. The group was established in it’s current headquarters in 1987 as a telephone exchange company. Since its establishment, Ooredoo Group has developed to become one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Qatar. The company’s growth and development is also evident in its global expansion to various countries including Algeria and Kuwait. The global expansion initiatives and establishment of Ooredoo Group in 2013 are geared towards combining the firm’s assets in order to create an internationally-renowned telecommunications business. This paper focuses on examining one of the operating companies of Ooredoo Group i.e. Ooredoo Kuwait in terms of the firm’s profile, management, major competitors, and market share.

Company Profile

Ooredoo Kuwait is a company whose operations started in December 1999 after Ooredoo acquired Wataniya Telecom. Wataniya Telecom was the first privately owned telecommunications firm in Kuwait. While the acquisition of Wataniya Telecom by Ooredoo took place in 2007 at an estimated cost of U.S.$3.8 billion, the company rebranded to Ooredoo Kuwait in 2014. Ooredoo Kuwait operates in the telecommunications industry where it provides a wide range of services including mobile, corporate managed, and broadband Internet services (“About Us”, n.d.).
As part of enhancing its profitability and responsiveness to customers, the company ensures that its wide range of services are customized to meet customers and businesses’ needs and preferences. This is consistent with its vision of enriching people’s lives and efforts toward leveraging communications to not only encourage human growth, but also enable people realize their full potential.

The company has divided its operations and services into two major segments i.e. personal and business. Personal segment focuses on providing mobile telecommunications and Internet services that target individual customers whereas the business segment targets organizations and companies. Some of the personal services provided by Ooredoo Kuwait to individual customers include social and entertainment services, voice plans, messaging, Blackberry roaming services, Internet services, and call management and roaming. On the contrary, the business segment services provided by the firm include telecommunications solutions for corporate clients like tone services, broadband wireless solutions, and Blackberry roaming services.

Ooredoo Kuwait is listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange as OORE.KW since is a public shareholding firm in the country. The company is listed as a publicly shareholding firm in Kuwait since together….....

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