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Article Review

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Jam, F. F., Sheikh, A. R., Iqbal, H., Zaidi, B. H., Anis, Y., & Muzaffar, M. (2011). Combined effects of perception of politics and political skill on employee job outcomes. African Journal of Business Management, 5(23), 9896-9904. Retrieved from


This review will critically assess the aforementioned paper with regard to subject introduction, intellectual plot, methodology, discussion and outcomes. Further, the article will be summarized followed by an analysis of its structure.

This paper attempted to examine the link of POP (perception of politics) with job outcomes, facilitated by political abilities, in companies within Pakistan. Numerous job outcomes like job stress, affective communication, contextual performance, and turnover intent, have been addressed. The research is grounded in the resource conservation theory (Hobfoll, 2002), which stresses that political capabilities help tackle job stressors. Hence, an examination of its role relative to job outcomes and POP can aid employees in improving their political capabilities and avoiding the adverse impacts of workplace POP. Researchers surveyed three hundred staff members of service as well as public sector firms by utilizing self-report measures. While study findings are in line with hypotheses, researchers failed to establish a significant linkage between affective dedication and POP as hypothesized. The discussion section links outcomes to prior studies via only name dropping. Research implications and conclusion state that findings can aid HR departments’ recruitment efforts, besides predicting workforce job outcomes by evaluating their political abilities.

Article Critique


The paper was obtained from the Academic Journals-issued AJBM (African Journal of Business Management), which is an effect-factor journal, thereby being a credible source. Academic Journals publishes several peer-reviewed physical science, biology and social science journals. Gaps in credibility have to be taken into account and dealt with at every level of research planning, publication and reporting, irrespective of research design (Skelly, 2014).

Moreover, researchers’ credibility is established by their roles as senior university faculty at the following renowned Pakistani private universities: University of Central Punjab, University of Central Punjab (Lahore), and International Islamic University.
The study’s chief researcher is a doctoral degree holder. But no links have been presented, to any other papers published by these authors, which could increase their authority.


The data presented within the paper is appropriate to the context, in addition to being supported using in-text citations and a complete bibliography at the paper’s end. Information sources for the research paper include international journals and books which contribute to content accurateness. But the paper’s accuracy hasn’t been completely maintained, since some information in the abstract (indicating the study was cross-sectional) has not been included within the paper’s body. As the abstract is that section of any paper most likely perused by readers, it needs to be an accurate reflection of the paper. This sort of deficit creates room for misinterpretation and must be taken care of in the future.


As it was published in the year 2011, the paper may, at a first glance, be considered a recent addition to extant literature. But the references used belong to the 70s, 90s and 2000s and this broad publication date range renders the paper not current. The hypothesis is based on theories and studies published in the years 1970 & 1977, respectively. Ever since, various political, cultural, and economic developments have occurred; it would have been more prudent if the authors based their study on modern theories and literature.


Despite being grounded in not-so-recent literature, the paper is relevant as regards its intellectual plot and context. Researchers have addressed concepts using distinct findings and information when establishing the study hypothesis from the literature review. Furthermore, the journal wherein the paper appears is relevant to the subject and field. But the content and study title aren’t adequately relevant to each other – readers….....

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