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Answer the following questions for each video in paragraph form. Also for each video, provide a thought provoking question of your own for discussion and attempt to provide a response to it.

Video one: Bill of Rights Overview


Which amendment do YOU value most?

I consider Amendment I the most crucial aspect of the Constitution's Bill of Rights.


Amendment I safeguards the five most fundamental freedoms: speech, religion, assembly, press and the right of petitioning governmental bodies for righting any wrongs. The above safeguards were missed most by Antifederalists within the novel Constitution (Feinberg, 1987).

Is our justice system better or worse than other systems around the world today?

Accessible reports and scholarly works reveal that the American justice system is neither the most effective nor the most unsuccessful justice system of all. Some nations (e.g., Scandinavian nations) enjoy a more superior system while others (e.g., Middle Eastern countries) enjoy swift justice delivery. Nevertheless, the basis of America's justice system may be considered very robust and sustainable, keeping in mind the near future.


The last twenty years have witnessed a fundamental shift in strategy with corrective approaches no longer proving beneficial in current justice systems. This paradigm shift poses a challenge to conventional techniques that hamper chances of solutions expressing novel goals and values in a bid to contest, review, and re-concentrate existing methods, structures and approaches.
There is a need for novel measures which assess restorative justice's effects and legitimacy, besides implications for this sort of critical discourse. Efforts at reform have accompanied an interest in restorative justice in the form of a transitional approach to change and advancement (Pavelka, 2016).

Video two: Police Role Conflict Following Hurricane Katrina


What roles were in conflict?

The observed role conflict was between carrying out one's social obligations to citizens and familial responsibilities -- rescuing one's wife and kids, to the detriment of rescuing other citizens.

Was his decision correct?

It is hard to decide whether the New Orleans law enforcer's choice was right or wrong. He took the action he felt was right. He admits his choice was made with little thought. But according to his official pledge as a police force member, neglecting his responsibility was a mistake.

What penalties, if any, should he face?

The law enforcers charged with abandoning their duty were classified on the basis of how far they transgressed. Officials who acted extremely egregiously received the sack whereas the remaining received a 4-month unpaid suspension. On the whole, 51 New Orleans Police Department personnel received the sack -- 6 civilian workers and 45 officers -….....

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