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Social liberalism debates that beneficial liberty is indispensable for global human freedom, especially for the poor. Therefore, the government should involve themselves in economic matters for the sake of the unprivileged members of the society (Adams, 2001). Social Liberals equally support the enforcement of agricultural reforms and land leases and are also in favour of a solid and well-controlled state.

Were you surprised by the political ideology to which you belong? Why or why not?

In the United States, the general situation is in conformity to the ideals of social liberalism which I have no problems with, I have no reservations for and may even dare to say, I like.

What are the origins of that political ideology?

The sociologists, economists and philosophers who lived in the 1700s and the early 1800s created a political framework which guided social policy in England, later the United States, then Europe and finally other inhabited areas of the world. In all these regions, no one fully followed this framework (Adams, 2001; von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, 1997). One of the early influential liberals who lived in the United States was John Locke, the English philosopher.

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Analysing his political documents, which had a huge influence on those who produced the American Constitution, they spoke in support of popular leadership, the freedom to fight back against oppression and the freedom of small religious groups to exist among others. From the reasoning of Locke as well as his several followers, the government's role is not the fostering of the spiritual salvation of the people but rather the serving of the citizens and the assurance of their lives, freedom and possessions with the guidance of a constitution (Liberalism, 2016).

Three factors aid the understanding of the popularity of social liberalism. First of all, this new liberalism was created in the late 1800s and early 1900s, during this period, the strength a free market had in encouraging a 'prosperous equilibrium' was under scrutiny. Secondly, the shift to democracy in Western states and the mentality that the rulers can be true "representatives of the community", a situation which has never occurred before, played a part. Thirdly, a heightened mentality on property rights which believed that aside from its portrayal as the guardian for all the other rights, property rights created an unequal power distribution which led to….....

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