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.....regret to inform you that your required tax payment is now more than 90 days overdue. You are no doubt well aware of the fact that the State of California is dependent upon timely payment of tax revenue to function. Taxes pay for the schools, social support, roads, bridges, and basic functioning of the State of California. All Californians benefit from these services. Taxes are also necessary to ensure that government employees are paid on time for the hard work that they devote to serving the people of the state. California is a state beloved by all who live there, and to keep the state healthy, clean, and well-educated, taxes are necessary.

Regardless of the sum of money you owe, it is an essential part of the state budget. No sum of money is trivial in the context of the heavy demands placed upon California to serve its citizens. Every citizen has a duty and an obligation to honor his or her commitment to ensuring that the state remain functional. Even if the sum of money may seem trivial to you, it is very significant from the perspective of the State of California.

Of course, given the many commitments placed upon citizens today, it is understandable at times that deadlines may go overlooked. With this in mind, the California State Tax Collection Agency wishes to refrain from any legal action against citizens that owe back taxes. Instead, it would ask you to pay the specified amount that you owe on the voucher enclosed and send a check to the state immediately. This will relieve the state of any additional expense in having to take action against citizens regarding owed taxes and also save you from the additional time and effort fielding calls and letters from our agency in our effort to secure the funds needed by the state. No legal action will be taken against you for late payment, nor will this affect your credit rating. Payment is not considered admission of any kind of guilt.

The State of California also appreciates the fact that taxpayers today are facing many financial burdens regarding their own finances, much like the state itself. If you are experiencing undue hardship regarding the taxes owed to the state, do not hesitate to contact us and to.....

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