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Nursing Leadership and Management

Organizational Analysis -- The Organization

The hospital is well recognized and has been named a top 100 Heart hospital and top 100 hospitals nationally. The organization also has a nationally ranked children's hospital that has newborn and pediatric intensive care services. Sanford Medical Center is a level II trauma center that is supported by AirMed transport services that cover a three-state area. The services offered within the facility include:

• 3D Mammography

• Allergy & Immunology

• Behavioral Health

• Breast Health

• Cancer/Oncology

• Children's/Pediatrics

• Dermatology & Cosmetic Services

• Diabetes & Endocrinology

• Ear, Nose & Throat

• Emergency Medicine

• Family Medicine

• Neurology

• Ophthalmology

• Cardiology

• Palliative care

• Laboratory and Pathology

• Surgery

• Radiology

Sanford Medical Center is a not-for-profit rural health facility. The facility does partner with the community to bring health and healing to the people living and working across its region. At the core of the facility is ensuring that healthcare benefits reach the communities broad needs. The facility does offer discounted or free medical services to patients who the facilities eligibility requirements. The community care program was developed to ensure that healthcare services are available for all who need irrespective of financial position. Sanford Medical Center has partnered with local and national organizations that serve the community to offer healthcare awareness, prevention, education, fundraising, and research for healthcare issues affecting the community.

Examination of the Organization

The mission of Sanford Medical Center is a dedication to the work of health and healing builds upon its vision of improving the human condition through exceptional care, innovation, and discovery (Sanford Health, n.d). The facility's philosophy is that health care services are a community asset (Sanford Health, n.d). Therefore, there is need to have long-term partnerships between the facility and the community. The administrative structure of Sanford Medical Center includes a Board of Trustees that comprises of community leaders who are all volunteers. The board members are selected for their expertise and experience in various areas in the health care system. The facility also has an executive committee responsible for patient care activities. Finally, the facility has a hospital administrative unit that comprises of a chief administrator and numerous assistants.

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The organization uses a matrix reporting structure because each person reports to two bosses or managers. Each of the managers has a responsibility in a different area of responsibility ensuring that there is no overlap in the reporting and responsibility assignment (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). For example, Sanford Medical Center is managed by a CEO, who is charged with the day-to-day running of the facility. The CEO reports to the Executive Vice President, and to the President of Sanford Health. This clearly indicates that the organization uses a Matrix Reporting structure. Matrix reporting staff members are not lined up using functional, product, or geographic lines they are lined up using both. This ensures that the management of the organization can reap the benefits of both systems. Matrix reporting is mostly used by large organizations that have a cross business group, or any other form or working structure that does not follow the traditional vertical business unit.

Strengths and Limitations of the Organization

Sanford Medical Center is managed by the Sanford Health, which currently has 43 hospitals, and about 250 clinics located in nine states and three counties. This makes it the largest health system in the United States. Therefore, there is a vast knowledge readily available to all employees of Sanford Medical Center. The facility is a teaching hospital, and it has partnered with the local universities to offer on the job training and teaching to nurses and doctors. This is a positive for the facility because there are numerous students willing to assist and offer services to the needy within the community and the hospital. The community will always receive the necessary healthcare assistance. Sanford Medical Center is a not-for-profit facility, which means it is able to subsidise some of its charges in order to deliver on its mission of health and healing. By partnering with the local community, the facility has been able to identify the members of the community who desperately need health care services and do not have the necessary funds to foot the hospital bills. Being managed by a large parent company ensures that the hospital will continue growing and there are additional facilities that would be added to the hospital when the need arises. The facility is working on becoming a level I trauma center, which would boost its image and demonstrate its capability to the community and the nation. Receiving the level I trauma and pediatric center will….....

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