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.....ethical plan and strategy is integral to an organization's overall commitment to social responsibility. In "Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility," Marinova (2013) first discusses the general importance of ethics as a general marketing strategy, in order to promote the brand as one that is socially responsible and thereby position the organization not just ethically but also strategically within the marketplace. Next, Marinova (2013) defines terms related to ethics and corporate social responsibility to help organizations to identify their weaknesses in these areas and make strong commitments to change and revising their ethical policies, particular in marketing. Moreover, the author offers some of the direct marketing solutions related to specific issues like false advertising and the sale of potentially harmful products from toys containing lead paint to food products containing items known to cause obesity or other diseases. The tremendous strengths of the Marinova (2013) article are only partially offset by methodological constraints, the lack of experimental design, and a paucity of external, secondary, or primary source references. However, the article provides a roadmap for future research and pragmatic application on the part of its audience corporations and their leaders.

In an organization that manufactures and distributes food, for example, Marinova (2013) explains how "false advertising, intentional sale of harmful products...deceptive advertising, bribery in private sale," and also making "false statements about a product" are clear-cut ethical dilemmas (p. 535). The problem with correcting ethical decisions like these, according to the author, is that most decisions are not made by individuals with express power to override company policies or marketing decisions.

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Instead, marketing strategies and overall plans are developed over time and by groups of people. Thus, marketing ethical oversights can be particularly pernicious in nature and may persist over time, even without the direct complicity on the part of individual employees. Even issues that seem relatively "clear cut" like those listed above including false advertising or the sale of products known to cause health problems, the "good business" practices outlined by an organizational leader or leader of a marketing department can come into conflict with an individual's ethical philosophy.

The core factors the author identifies for solving ethical dilemmas within specific workplace organizations like General Mills include personal moral philosophy, organizational relationship building, and maximizing opportunities. These are three of the top organizational strategies substantiated by empirical research in the field of marketing ethics, too. For example, Marinova's (2013) astute analysis of the causes of and solutions to common marketing mistakes are reflected in the research by Ferrell & Ferrell (2016), whose research focuses particularly on corporate social responsibility in marketing channels and supply chains. Using the example of….....

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