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Unit 4 Assignment Worksheet

In the Units 3 and 4 Discussions, you created a thesis statement that offered a solution to a problem in your community or workplace. In this unit’s Assignment, you will revise and evaluate the effectiveness of that thesis using the Toulmin Model.

Part I: First of all, you will revise the provisional thesis statement that you generated in the previous unit Discussion. Make sure the thesis is concise (1–2 sentences) and includes two parts: a proposal for solving a problem and a reason that solution is needed. For more on creating effective persuasive thesis statements, review the following Writing Center resources:

· “Give Your Paper Direction: Developing a Strong Thesis Statement”

· “Writing a Thesis for a Persuasive Essay”

Write your revised two-part thesis statement here, and be sure to include a claim + reason (the “because” or “since” clause):

Employees should be taught stress management strategies and techniques so that they can be able to better perform optimally at the workplace; as this would further enhance the performance of the organization.

What type of claim does this represent?

This would be a cause and effect claim. This is more so the case given that this is a debatable argument seeking links between stress management and better organizational performance.

Part II: Next, describe how you will use the appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos to make your argument more compelling to your audience.
You can review the Writing Center resource on the appeals here: "The Three Appeals of Argumentative Writing"

Logos, according to Shabo (2010), “relies on the use of rational analysis and persuasive language” (p. 8). Towards this end, I will be presenting information in an orderly and logical format. In essence, I will actively make use of available evidence to support the claims made. Further, I will conduct a comprehensive review of the available literature on the subject matter so as to assess what others have in the past said about employee stress and coping mechanisms, and how these tie to enhanced organizational performance. Hellriegel and Slocum (2008), two organizational behavior experts, are of the opinion that stress has behavioral, emotional, and psychological impacts and could affect the ability of an individual to perform optimally. I will make use of authoritative sources such as these to lend support to my argument.

Ethos, on the other hand, has got to do with the enhancement of personal credibility (Shabo). On this front, I will be seeking to present a balanced argument. This will do away with any claim of bias. In that regard, therefore, I will explore arguments that have been….....

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Hellriegel, D. & Slocum, J.W. (2008). Organizational Behavior (12th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengege Learning.

Shabo, M. (2010). Rhetoric, Logic, and Argumentation: A Guide for Student Writers. New York, NY: Prestwick House Inc.

Walton, D. (2010). Appeal to Popular Opinion. Pennsylvania: Penn State Press.

Unit 4 Assignment Rubric (50 points)
Points Possible
Points Earned


Part I (10 points) 
?     Includes a persuasive thesis statement with a claim + reason
?     Identifies the type of claim
Part II (15 points) 
?         Describes how the appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos will be used
Part III (20 points) 
?         Identifies the parts of the argument based on the Toulmin Model (claim, warrant, assumption, qualifiers, grounds, rebuttals)
?         Describes how to overcome at least one logical fallacy

Style and mechanics

?     The style is appropriate to the assignment, and sentences are engaging to read as well as clear, concise, and precise.
?     Project is free of serious errors; grammar, punctuation, and spelling help to clarify the meaning by following accepted conventions of Standard English.

Grade Total:
/ 50

Plagiarism is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. Assignments that are plagiarized will receive a “0.”

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