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Question One

As for how one company can be part of both the internal and external supply chain networks, this is actually easier than it seems to be. The external supply chain refers to factors such as political, economic, technological and geographical. Internal refers to the departments and machines that go into getting items and supplies to where they go. An easy example of a situation where a company obviously and extensively touches both, one can speak about Fedex or UPS. If the supply chain of those companies is not working well, there will be obvious implications of both an internal and external supply chain nature as the consequences will relate to both getting the job done and to the political factors that come with not getting the job done properly. To use a less obvious example, a volcano erupting would create havoc for both methids since it is a natural disaster by default (external) and that same volcano can cause change in customer demand or disruptions in the delivery change (Gilaninia, Ganjinia & Mahdikhanmahaleh, 2013).

Question Two

When it comes to whether discipline relating to logistics and the associated operations for the 21st century, all of that is certainly important given that the business market is more and more competitive. Indeed, business is increasingly global in nature and the advances in 21st century business and transportation practices have led to more access to markets. This market advance makes the barriers to compete and enter the market smaller and it is thus all the more important for the existing companies to evolve and run a leaner and meaner operation. For those that are not able to get with the new and reduced overhead, this leads to competitors being unable to compete given the new global paradigm.
Indeed, "evolve or die" has meant more now than it ever has. Just one company whose executives have said this loud and clear include retail and other common industries that are not new to the global business sphere but are nonetheless pushed even further into rather advanced and strict competition (Elenstar, 2016).

Question Three

The question is now what the difference is between supply chain management and logistics. They are related and similar in many ways but they are not the same thing. Indeed, logistics is actually a subset and portion of wider supply chain management. To be more specific, logistics management is the process of integrating the movement and maintenance of goods in of or out of the organization. On the other hand, supply chain management is the coordination and management of supply chain activities. The objective with logistics is customer satisfaction while it is competitive advantage when it comes to supply chain management. There is only one organization affected when it comes to logistics while supply chain management affects multiple organizations. Inbound logistics is about the activities that are related to procurement, handling, storage and transportation. Outbound logistics refers to collection, maintenance and distribution or delivery to the final consumer. Supply chain management has an obviously wider scope than that as it relates to things like raw materials, movement of finished goods and the multiple dimension approach that goes into the same (Surbhi, 2015).

Question Four

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