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Data Analysis, Reflection and Action Plan

Data Analysis

The majority of the students met the standards. Of the 12 students, only 2 showed signs of needing more support. The impact of my instruction was that most students succeeded in acquiring the knowledge expected of them. Personalizing learning improved outcomes by making the learning process more accessible.

There were no components of each assessment that students frequently missed or scored low on. Most students did well on all the assessments, and when low scores occurred, there was no indication that low scores were occurring in any one specific area. Thus, it was unclear whether there was a problem with any one structure of the component of an assignment. As far as scores showed, all aspects of learning were properly supported.

Eight of the students are excelling. Two are at average levels and two are falling behind. In English, the biggest problems were noticed, as it was here that six of the twelve students had trouble differentiating nouns from verbs. These grammatical errors are understandable as the class is mixed of native English and ESL students. More focus should be given to helping ESLs.

Student learning was positively impacted by formative assessments: students showed a strong ability to respond to the formative assessment and demonstrate what they had learned.
Students grew since the pre-test in mathematics and science but they are still struggling somewhat in English.


The instructional shifts I made that seemed to have the most impact on student learning was to integrate more technology into the classroom experience. Park (2015) notes that interactivity among students is facilitated by technology and in turn helps to boost learning. Personalized learning strategies that seemed most effective were redesigning the classroom to add diversity to how students were situated. This helped stimulate greater interactivity as well.

The data does support my general observations as most of the students scored well following the implementation of these strategies. The role of formative and summative assessment in my personalized learning unit is to provide feedback for the student and the teacher as well as a diverse approach to assessment. This role differs from typical assessments in that here it was also used to evaluate the success of the project. Personalized learning strategies helped to boost student performance and technology assisted greatly in this boost.

Action Plan

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