The Impact of Legislation on Violence Essay

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Firearms Legislation and Firearms-Related Violence in Europe

This paper examines the relationship between firearms legislation and gun-related violence across countries and regions in Europe. The focus of the paper is to identify possible sources of literature to help answer questions regarding whether legislation is an effective tool in reducing firearms-related violence. The paper focuses on variance of gun violence rates throughout Europe, gun legislation, and possible national strategies for addressing the issue of gun violence. It finds that there are many variables that impact regions and can effect greater or lesser rates of gun violence -- factors such as education, culture, economic stability, political instability, and so on. No two countries are the same in terms of people, customs, traditions, ideals, and execution of the law. It is therefore important to better understand how culture plays a role in determining the effects of firearms-related violence in throughout Europe.
This information could help the EU to better address the legislative issues it is currently facing regarding amending the Firearms Directive.


List of Figures and Tables 5

Table of Legislation and Cases 6

List of Abbreviations 7

Chapter 1: Introduction 8

Background 8

Research Aim 12

Research Objectives 12

Outline of Chapters 13

Chapter 2: Methodology 15

Introduction 15

Search Strategy 15

Selection Criteria 18

Methodological Considerations 19

Conclusion 20

Chapter 3: Variation in Violence 21

Introduction 21

Variance and Ownership 21

Variance and Homicides 23

Variation and Suicides 25

Discussion 26

Chapter 4: Regulations and Variance 27

Geopolitical Context 27

Sociological Context 29

Historical Context 30

Discussion 33

Chapter 5: An Effective National Strategy to Reduce Gun Violence 35

Education 35

Culture 35

Legislation 36

Discussion 37.....

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