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Anxiety and depression are the most commonly witnessed psychiatric disorders in adolescence. The prevalence of both anxiety disorder and depression increase in the adolescence period and progresses to young adulthood. The final result of these developments is low self-esteem. General prevalence measures for depression stand between 2 to 4%. Recurrence rates are placed at 70% in a span of five years. Point prevalence rates for anxiety disorders stand at 20% and show stability across one's life. Furthermore, anxiety and depression highly co-occur. They also occur along with other psychiatric complications (Lee & Hankin, 2009).

Self-Esteem, Depression and Anxiety

The CBT (2006) center describes self-image as a circus mirror which remolds the shape and size of a person into one that departs from the way one really looks like. These are perceptions of how we see and think of ourselves, how we think others see us, the beliefs about ourselves, our present, our future and our world in general influence three areas, i.e. the respect for self, our self-worth and our self-acceptance.

The schema of self-esteem is known to be a cognitive reflection of the self (in this case) driven by one's experience and influences the way the information one receives is processed. Compared to the cognitive depression model, they occur as a result of learning and subsequently influence how a person makes sense when it comes to low self-esteem.

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It is holistic. It does not reflect self-appreciation in differentiated qualities and sections of the self. It has to do with complementary underestimations of one's abilities, qualities and even assets; while overestimating the weaknesses, the flaws and deficits. Its manifestations occur at many levels including abstract beliefs to thoughts, feelings and actions that occur every minute (Fennell, 1997).

Cognitive Behavior Therapy/Treatment

Case Study

A female Caucasian who is currently fresh on college said that she came to counseling because she had been caught in possession of alcohol in the college dorm. She explained that although her friends in the dorm at the time were drunk, she was not. She said she only drank to follow suit. She said that she found college stressful compared to high school where it was smooth for her. Apart from the high study demands, it was hard to make friends for her. She denied having a drug problem stating that she once tried marijuana in high school but stopped because she didn't fancy how it made her feel. She stated that she sometimes had time out with her friends and drank but denied intoxication or experiencing hangovers. She denied….....

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