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Not many things in recent history have brought as much controversy as the Trump Administration travel ban. Some have seen this ban as unfair and demonstrating the ugly side of the United States and its Government. There are reasons for this. The travel ban is cruel and inhumane, the Government should not support a travel ban because no one should be profiled due to race or religion, travel is a human right, and the U.S. is a safe place for refugees.

The travel ban provides much cause for concern because of the potential legality of such an extreme measure. Half a century ago, the American Government chose to outlaw the discrimination seen in the Trump travel ban. “More than 50 years ago, Congress outlawed such discrimination against immigrants based on national origin.” (Bier) Additionally the travel ban puts the United States in a bad light, as other countries may see the act as cruel and hostile towards innocent people. (Chemerinsky) When countries see the United States Government acting in an unconstitutional and racist way, desires for diplomacy may dwindle.

Even with the updated version of the travel ban, critics stand firm in asserting it is bad policy and can lead to anti-Muslim mentality.
“The Trump administration’s new travel ban, introduced Monday, remains bad policy, because it will continue to be perceived abroad as anti-Muslim and increase hostility to the United States in much of the world…” (Schrag) Muslim people are not responsible for the acts of terrorism seen throughout the world and should not be held responsible for the acts of a few extremist groups. To divide a country and a world by introducing legislature to outright ban certain countries makes it seem okay to discriminate others based on race and religion, at least that is the fear.

When the travel ban was taken to court because of it being illegal, critics stated the reason for the travel ban was not for the safety of the country. Rather, it was to assuage the political motives and religious biases of some within the country. “Courts were justifiably skeptical of the idea that legitimate national security considerations, as opposed to religious biases or political motives, drove the first version of the travel ban.” (University) This is not progress and feels like a step back from the efforts made to create equality in recent….....

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