Two Greatest and Two Worst Presidents in US History Essay

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House of Representatives passed Health Care reform. What is the next step in the legislative process before it goes to the President to be signed? Do you think it will be signed by the President in its present form or will it die before it gets to him, and why?

A bill is first introduced into the House by one of its members, who becomes the bill's sponsor. Fellow house members may join him/her as bill advocates or cosponsors. The presence of several cosponsors or congressional heads signing onto the bill may elevate prospects of the bill successfully being passed into law. However, the bill needs to first progress across every official procedural obstacle within both Houses prior to reaching the president and being enacted as a law. Following its introduction, the presiding official of each chamber refers the bill to the established committee with jurisdiction over the theme (e.g., homeland security or energy) (Sullivan, 2008).

This is followed by a vote requiring the participation of all committee members to ascertain whether or not the bill is to be reported (i.e., sent forward for discussion in the House). A successful vote is succeeded by a committee markup session aimed at bill revision with a report composed to explain the committee's reasons for supporting the bill. This report, along with the bill, are directed to the entire chamber, after which the bill gets added to the calendar for awaiting floor discussion (LP, 2011).

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Once it progresses to the floor, the bill is discussed, revised and voted upon. A bill in the lower chamber is considered by a full-chamber meeting, called 'Committee of the Whole'. Floor action is supervised by a Speaker-appointed chairperson. In case of different upper and lower chamber versions of any bill, the Congress establishes a conference team for settling differences.

If the president endorses the bill, it passes into law. The president is authorized to reject or veto the bill by returning it to the Congress together with a memo outlining his objections. However, the Congress may, through a 2/3rd chamber vote in each congressional chamber, overrule the president's veto and pass it into law (Davidson & Oleszek, 2002). President Trump remarked to policymakers that the bill introduced into the House was inadequate in terms of safeguarding people in the market, employing this as the reason for his ambiguous call to Senate members to "add additional money" to it. At present, the Republicans are encountering a critical situation to get a bill passed. Ever since the Obamacare repeal, Republican members of the Senate have been formulating their very own repeal covertly (Merica, Acosta, Fox, & Mattingly, 2017).….....

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