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Investible PTY LTD. offers a degree that distinguishes and creates pioneering capability and limits the risk of pre-IPO speculation. The organization gives business constructing projects; and creates a pipeline of investible companies and startup organized functionality. It offers the “lab,” expert enterprise development and execution motor that ensures individuals are geared up with the gadgets to collect and process data, create further decisions, networks, and additionally put in place compliances. Investible acts as the admission to an association of startup funding, which can open doorways to potential partners for businesses and the firm. Investible PTY LTD modified into consolidated in 2015 and is situated in Sydney, Australia. According to LinkedIn, Investible has roughly twenty-five employees. Comment by Ingrid Martin: These two sentences don’t make sense?? Comment by Ingrid Martin: Which is what? Comment by Ingrid Martin: I’m not sure where this information comes from but it is really confusing… you need to rewrite this by just telling me – why is Investible needed? That is what the background should cover because it provides the motivation for what void/need it fulfills.

Description & Analysis MOVE AFTER THE NEXT SECTION… Comment by Ingrid Martin: Where is the referencing for all this information. It looks like it came straight from their webpage. What did you add to this discussion to make it an original piece of writing and not just copying what the company put on their webpage??

Investible is an angel investment platform mentoring entrepreneurial talent to grow and scale their business by connecting angel investors with high potential early stage founders and a global network of likeminded investors. Investible’s mission is to de-risk angel investment on a global scale. Investible has worked with notable companies such as Canva, Booksy, and Invigo.

Also, they have included a strong mix of entrepreneurs, family offices, and corporate executives to all invest $100,000. With more than 50 members and still growing they have created a platform that connects startups with talent, experience, and money. It is as if they have revamp the accessibility of the VC industry. To say what investible does wrong is challenging, given that they have created a new model for angel investing. It would be premature at this stage to suggest any shortcoming or improvements. Comment by Ingrid Martin: What do you mean? Comment by Ingrid Martin: This seems redundant… edit this paragraph to get rid of the redundant information.

What Investible does right is that they offer more than just “dumb money”. Peter Colbert, founder of Inamo, a Sydney based startup, who received $1.5 million from Club Investible said “When startups raise money, they can’t just look at the money. They’ve got to look at what [else] the investor is bringing as well… Investible brings IP, support and money – and that’s invaluable as a two-man startup.” (

Some of the competitive advantages of Investible include their data-driven investment process in which it analyzes up to 250 data points across 16 areas such as the founder, business model, traction, and industry. This approach is part of the secret to de-risking. Also, another competitive advantage is that at Investible term sheets are founder-friendly and we come with more founder support than a traditional VC firm. This is a huge draw when attracting smart startups. It is currently unknown how much Investible has invested in startups so far.



Venture capital is an important tool and resource for funding new and cutting-edge high-risk ventures. Venture capital (VC) financing normally provides capital from investors to private businesses, which have both long-standing high growth and high-risk potential, in return for equity or percentage of the profits generated. The venture capital industry of Australia has experienced significant improvement. Notably, the past six years has seen the venture capital industry in Australia attain substantial growth. In the 2017 financial year, there was over $1 billion Australian dollars raised, an amount that is twice the amount raised the previous year. There are numerous determining factors propelling this growth.

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First, there is the increased dedication to superannuation funds, which implies that the funds will grow characteristically devoid of any tax implications until the point of withdrawal. Secondly, there is the tenacity of low rates of interest pushing investors from debt to equity financing and the increased levels of engagement from corporate investors. This is because the investments generating low rates of return are not appealing. “With a majority of investment from the private sector backing, the venture capital raising has emanated from domestic sources, with a negligible amount emanating from foreign sources” (The United States Studies Centre, 2018). This indicates that foreign venture capital investment is still relatively low globally but is expanding especially with the United States as companies begin to capitalize on global markets (The United States Studies Centre, 2018).

Venture Capital has been an important vehicle for funding high risk opportunities not only in the United States, but globally. Specifically, in the Australian market, venture capital has become increasingly present. Peer-reviewed data regarding the Australian venture capital market stated that there were approximately $2.6 billion AUD under management in 2016. (…

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…USD. In terms of its employee size it is very comparable, with ~30 employees while Investible has approximately 25.

Another US based VC firm researched was Greylock Partners. Although this company is slightly larger in its number of employees and the total funds managed. It does align with the factors that investors in Investible look for, specifically high-growth and high-return markets (technology). This firm is important to identify because it roots itself as one of the oldest established VC firms. Researching this company allows insights into how the VC industry started and how quickly it expanded throughout the United States, potentially lending insight into the future growth of foreign markets (such as Australia). Greylock is similar in the number of employees, only employing ~30 total. It is also similar in the amount of funds managed, slightly surpassing Investible at $3.5 billion USD. ( Founded in 1965, it is one of the first VC firms to establish in the US as well as laying the groundwork for focuses on early stage company funding. Greylock has been instrumental in investing in early stage companies that have eventually launched an IPO. Notable investments include Dropbox, Palo Alto Networks and Workday. Comment by Ingrid Martin: Investible is industry agnostic… Comment by Ingrid Martin: You need to provide the information so that we can get some insight…

You need to do some more in-depth research on venture capital and venture capitalists – how are they different from angel investors. Then talk about the Australian market for VC’s and why it is different and similar to the US market. Then follow it with an in-depth description of what Investible is and does. Why is this model good for the Australian ecosystem? Or why is it not good for the Australian startup ecosystem? This is where your team needs to do more than just copy what you find on webpages.


1. What was the last big achievement for the firm?

2. What was the company’s biggest challenge last year and what did you learn from it?

3. How do you measure success and how are the metrics determined?

4. Does the company give back to community?

5. What data points and areas are do you look at to determine a viable company?

6. Do you invest in local companies only?

7. In what areas do you think the firm adds unique value to chosen investments?

8. What has been the most interesting investment or exit for the firm?

9. Is risk-taking encouraged, and what happens when people fail?

10. How would you characterize….....

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