Women 's Health and the Issue of Abortion Essay

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Women’s Health

The Blue Zones

I would like my life in the U.S. to correspond more to what life is like in the Blue Zones. I feel like I am too spoiled here in the U.S. and have too many creature comforts. In other parts of the world, like Greece or Japan life is not as focused on all of these comforts that we take for granted here. There is more of a focus on an organic lifestyle and a simple life: you take what you need and you have a connection with the Earth that is healthy and positive. Eating well, as the diet tips from the Blue Zones teaches, is one way to help provide this healthy and positive culture (Barclay, 2015).

I am not surprised that I feel this way, as I am naturally drawn to a Mediterranean diet in the first place. I love Greek food and I also love Asian food. I prefer these types of food to the traditional American diet of steak and potatoes. Nothing is more unappealing to me than a big plate of steak. I like foods that have natural ingredients, like salads. I like cheeses, I like wine, and I like olives and fish, and breads.

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I like the simple diet, don’t like to stuff myself, and enjoy having a beer or two at night most days of the week. I feel, in many ways, that I would fit right in with a Blue Zone environment, though living here in the U.S. I am also used to my creature comforts and would probably panic if I did have to live elsewhere.

I think scientists should also research topics related to spirituality to see if there is a connection between this variable and longevity. In the U.S., I am not surprised to find a decline in life expectancy. When you consume fast food as a culture, life will go down, no doubt. To reverse this decline, I would highly recommend starting the Blue Zone diet as it will certainly make people feel healthier and want to live a simpler life.

Women’s Choices

A woman’s right to choose is so controversial because it is the issue underlying the choice that is polarizing. If it were a matter of a something else—such as a woman’s….....

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