Letter of Interest to a University (Free Example)

This is a letter of interest for a student trying to be admitted to a University.

To the Admissions Department of [Name of University]

I’m writing to express my intense interest of having the opportunity and honor of being a member of the student body at [Name of University]. I’ve long viewed this university as the pinnacle of academic excellence, but it has only been in the last half decade or so that I’ve matured that I’ve truly come to realize what the university stands for: creativity and imagination.

I’ve noticed that some of the most notable alums that have graduated from this school are ones who view the world through the most singular perspective, and they’ve used that perspective as a springboard to creating and developing something that does service to the world. I’ve come to realize that [Name of University] is a place that fosters a creative spirit and encourages risk-taking and thinking outside the proverbial box. Takings risks and trying out wild ideas is the only way to reap a big reward or to manifest a big change in the world. Too many universities don’t encourage big creative leaps the way this one does, and it’s a priceless aspect of the environment and curriculum.

This is so crucial to me because my area of focus is mechanical engineering. This is a highly competitive field, and I know that the academic rigors of [Name of University] will be a huge asset to me, allowing me to build a path of mastery in the field. I would be entering this university open to all career fields where such a degree would be useful—from aerospace to automotive, to nuclear or civil engineering. I think it’s important that I enter with broader interests in the field so that I can let the influences and academic experiences impact me in a way that is more organic.

I’m someone who puts a high premium not just on intense academic rigor, but also an environment that celebrates the life of the mind. The students at [name of university] have a reputation for being dedicated to their studies and studying long into the night, devoted to acing their term papers and problem sets. This is precisely the type of environment that I crave to be a part of, as I know it will help shape me into a mastered and accomplished engineer. I look forward to working with peers who are smarter and more experienced than me in the field of engineering, because I know that being part of such an environment, will force me to reach an even higher level of excellence. My past educational experiences have shown me the inherent value of having tough teachers and fellow students with razor-sharp minds and strong work ethics. I hope that this university will help me to become the best version of myself—as an engineer, student, and citizen—I am able to be.

[Name of University] has such a compelling track record in assisting students with worthwhile placements in internships and summer jobs. I know that the responsibility is my own, but the I am deeply interested in how much this school values the importance of hands-on experience in the workplace as it corresponds with my own values and overall beliefs.

I know that this admissions department will be looking at many worthy candidates,  and while I’m not perfect, I have the dedication and work ethic to make a valuable contribution to this university now and in the years to come as an eventual alum. And I know that this university is a place that fosters the spirit of creativity, risk and rigor that I’ve come to cherish so much.

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