Process Essay Topics (Updated for 2019)

process essay topics
  • Published Date: August 2, 2018


Drafting a piece of writing around a process essay topic has the potential to be a lot of fun.

Essentially, this is your time to shine.

Process essay topics allow you to show off your mastery of a particular subject.

Process essay topics can include virtually any field or interest.

If your teacher gives you the freedom to select your own topic, you can pick one that shows off your expertise.

This is great because it gives you a chance to show of your strengths.

Often, students find that they learn more about a subject of interest when writing this type of essay.

Process Essay Defined

A process essay focuses on the steps or a journey to a particular result.

Most teachers argue that a process essay explains how to do or complete something.

This is mostly true.

A process essay can also describe how something works.

Likewise, a process essay can also refer to how something happened, its history or the mechanisms of something.

For example, you can write a process essay on how the Holocaust was enabled incrementally over a period of years since the end of World War One.

An essay on how Google came to be would also fall under this category.

However, an essay on how a plant converts sunlight into food is also a process essay.

An essay on how to make a homemade tattoo falls into this category as well.

Similarly, an essay on how an internal combustion engine works is also a process essay.

Students often find over time that they enjoy writing such essays.

Such essays give them the freedom to go deep and examine the minutiae of a subject, function, moment in history or thing.

The goal with any process essay is to inform the reader.

Thus, the writer needs to be careful to stick to the most relevant information.

In a process essay you want to empower the reader to reach full understanding.

This understanding needs to be so complete, the reader feels competent discussing or interacting with the subject.

With a process essay, the introduction plays an even bigger role than before.

Other essays the introduction just serves to acquaint the reader with the topic.

Such essays give a clear stance on the perspective and argument of the writer.

The introduction of a process essay needs to give vital background about a subject.

This paragraph needs to demonstrate why the process is significant.

The significance of the process immediately tells the reader why the need to read this essay.

It gives importance to the entire piece of writing.

When done well, the introduction can make the reader eager to continue reading

Tips for How to Write a Process Essay

Allow yourself to write stream of consciousness. Let the ideas flow through you. This is such an important step in writing a successful process essay. Drafting uncensored will showcase your strengths and weaknesses. Research your weaker spots of knowledge. Seek out reputable sources to illuminate areas you need better understanding.

  • Decide if your process essay topic requires a thesis.

Unlike other essays, which may or may not have a thesis, process essays only sometimes have one. For instance, a process essay on Germany’s rise to power in World War Two would probably have one. This thesis might discuss the failure of the Treaty of Versailles enabled Hitler’s rise to power. However, an essay on how a bill becomes a law might not have a thesis. Determining if the essay should have a thesis is up to the discretion of the student.

  • Avoid overly fancy language or intricate jargon.

Your goal is always communication. Your objective should be to make the reader feel confident about the subject. After reading your essay they should feel they have a better and more comprehensive understanding of a subject.

  • Work on your syntax and tone.

While you don’t want to select words that add needless complexity, you do want to sound intelligent and informed. Use a range of sentence structures to demonstrate your own mastery. Keep sentences short so the reader can easily follow.

  • Be hyper-vigilant about punctuation.

Good punctuation helps the reader follow along with your steps. It will also make your essay easier for your teacher to read.

  • Track down experts.

Find the brightest minds that have written about your subject. Select relevant quotes from them to add to your essay. This increases your own credibility and authority.

  • Address the “counterargument.”

Some might argue that in a process essay, since there usually is no argument presented, there is no counterargument. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some process essays do have counterarguments because they have theses. For instance, a process essay detailing the rise of Nazi Germany as a result of the lack of enforcement of the Treaty of Versailles has a thesis or main argument. A counterargument to address would be how the rise of the Nazi party was connected to economic misery, fear and a perceived weak government coalition. Thus, the writer would acknowledge how some perceive those factor as why Hitler rose to power, not an unenforced treaty. Then you would explain why this is ultimately incorrect. In a classic process essay, the “counterargument” might be the alternative way of doing something. For instance, if you’re writing a process essay on how to make a soufflé, some say that an electric mixer is key to keep the eggs fluffy. Others argue that this can lead to over-mixing. Address those who would dissent with you to reinforce your point.

  • Use creative transitions.

Process essays often rely upon a series of sequential steps. Often students use words like “next” or “then” “step two.” This can become very tedious for your teacher to read. Use an online thesaurus to seek out words such as “ensuingly” or “subsequently” or “in lieu of” or “thereafter.” This helps add to the variety of your words. It also helps you teacher feel as though she’s not reading the same essay over and over again.

Process Essay Topics

In the best-case scenario, your teacher will give you the freedom of selecting your own topic.

This allows you to actually enjoy the process of digging deep through research.

Choosing your own process essay topic means you can go through the tiny details and nuances of each step with enjoyment.

College Topics

  • How to use social media to further one’s career.
  • How to overcome social anxiety.
  • How to hold politicians accountable.
  • How to remain disciplined against the perils of capitalism.
  • How digestion occurs in the mouth and gut.
  • How our subconscious stores memories.
  • How colors impact our moods.
  • How our nation can better embrace recycling.
  • How addictions become rooted in the psychology of the individual.
  • How oppressed people can seek greater liberty.
  • How to stage a successful revolution.
  • How to not become overly dependent on technology.
  • How to foster self-awareness.
  • How to foster a just society.
  • How to live with virtue.
  • How a host responds to pathogenic agents on a molecular level in chronic diseases.
  • How a host responds to pathogenic agents on a cellular level in chronic diseases.
  • How a host responds to pathogenic agents on a systemic level in chronic diseases.
  • How has modern warfare changed since the civil war?
  • How modernism evolved in art.
  • How modernism evolved in literature.
  • How to explain racism to a child.
  • How to explain sexism to a child.
  • How to engage in diplomatic relations with foreign countries.
  • How to protect the first amendment.
  • How to interpret the constitution in the modern era.
  • How to avoid repeating the mistakes of history.

Middle School Topics

  • How to pass the driver’s road test.
  • How to stand up to bullying.
  • How your immune system functions.
  • How your circulatory system functions.
  • How the media preys on spectators’ insecurities.
  • How to keep your bedroom organized consistently.
  • How to communicate effectively with adults.
  • How to prevent gossip from spreading.
  • How to train a dog to use the bathroom outside.
  • How to maintain healthy eating habits.
  • How to relate to younger siblings.
  • How to relate to older siblings.
  • How to develop independence.
  • How to change social groups.
  • How to improve test scores.
  • How to feel comfortable talking to the opposite sex.
  • How to foster strong study habits for life.
  • How to wake up an hour earlier.
  • How to convince a parent to let you have a pet.
  • How culture develops.
  • How cultures overlap with one another.
  • How currency develops.
  • How a society grows and flourishes.
  • How ancient cultures used art as expression and record-keeping.
  • How we can use history to understand human behavior.
  • How social studies promotes critical thinking.
  • How the Great Depression impacted the next 30 years of American life.
  • How the constitution impacts the average American life.
  • How the California Gold Rush contributed to the State identity.
  • How the Bill of Rights protects the average individual.

High School Topics

  • How to rise above peer pressure.
  • How a cell’s life cycle begins and ends.
  • How cancer cells spread in the body.
  • How the Civil War began.
  • How slavery became accepted and practiced in America.
  • How to stay inquisitive despite modern influences encouraging the contrary.
  • How do bees pollinate flowers?
  • How to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients during digestion.
  • How coffee makes you feel more awake.
    How Franklin D. Roosevelt passively contributed to the Holocaust.
  • How the Colonists survived in the New World.
  • How a Puritan mentality impacted the development of America.
  • How the global world influenced colonial America.
  • How fraught international relations influenced the American Revolution.
  • How Holden Caulfield engaged in systematic self-delusions in Catcher in the Rye.
  • How the human spirit perseveres in The Grapes of Wrath.
  • How self-denial and self-destruction thrive in The Great Gatsby.
  • How Our Town meditates on the theme fleeting human experience.
  • How read in a critical manner.
  • How to remember more of what you read.
  • How to take comprehensive notes in class.
  • How to deal with rivalry from friends.
  • How the species has maintained perpetuation.
  • How to engage in quantitative observation.
  • How to engage in qualitative observation.
  • How DNA functions in the human body.
  • How RNA functions in the human body.
  • How evolution works on this planet.

Easy Topics

  • How to follow a tight budget.
  • How to spend less and save more.
  • How to make a pitcher of lemonade.
  • How to remove fleas from a dog.
  • How to make your bed, army-style.
  • How to make a new friend.
  • How to make small talk.
  • How to approach a strange dog.
  • How to get a passport.
  • How to apply for a job.
  • How to prepare for an exam.
  • How to run long distance.
  • How to exercise in one yard of space.
  • How to get along with a sibling.
  • How to remember vocabulary words.
  • How to improve cardiovascular health.
  • How to organize your closet.
  • How to apologize to someone.
  • How to iron a dress shirt.
  • How to make a greeting card.
  • How to write a resume.
  • How to improve your handwriting.
  • How to understand your dreams.
  • How to make peace with the past.
  • How to watch a film critically.
  • How to make leftovers more appetizing.
  • How to bake a cake from a mix.
  • How to make a campfire.
  • How to pitch a tent.
  • How to stay safe in the wild.
  • How to test creek water for safe drinking.
  • How to tell a scary story.
  • How to make a s’more.
  • How to be a good listener.
  • How to cultivate inner peace.

Funny Topics

  • How to lie successfully.
  • How to hide your true feelings.
  • How to manipulate others.
  • How to get others to envy you.
  • How to enact satisfying vengeance.
  • How to build your dog’s self-esteem.
  • How to make your dog/cat a celebrity.
  • How to make fewer people hate you.
  • How to show resentment towards your parents.
  • How to inflict psychological damage on others.
  • How to become addicted to social media.
  • How to feel inadequate.
  • How to make musical instruments out of candy.
  • How to dress like an elderly adult with dementia.
  • How to create an essay through interpretive dance.
  • How to alleviate tension through crass jokes.
  • How to show your insecurities to the world.
  • How to create drama among your friends.
  • How to create tension in comfortable social situations.
  • How to stay single.
  • How to dine out with no manners.
  • How to spoil the movie-going experience of others.
  • How to dress inappropriately for a job interview.
  • How to graduate college with little potential or prospects.
  • How to cause others needless pain.
  • How to create bad habits and stick to them.
  • How to frighten small children and animals.
  • How to make a three-piece suit using yarn and brownie batter.

Topics for ESL Students

  • How to get from your home to school using landmarks.
  • How to prepare your favorite meal.
  • How to change a flat tire.
  • How to adjust to American culture.
  • How to adjust to European culture.
  • How to socialize in America.
  • How to understand complex verb tenses.
  • How to entertain guests in your home.
  • How to stay safe while travelling.
  • How to order in a restaurant.
  • How to use the subway in your town.
  • How to use the bus in your town.
  • How to protect your belongings.
  • How to learn new vocabulary.
  • How to speak with confidence.
  • How to understand foreign films.
  • How to take care of a pet.
  • How to improve listening skills.
  • How to improve speaking skills.
  • How to plan a vacation.
  • How to explore a foreign town.
  • How to maintain long-distance friendships.
  • How to plan a surprise party.
  • How to understand foreign pop music.
  • How to deal with feeling homesick.
  • How to make friends in a foreign country.
  • How to appreciate foreign culture.
  • How to help others.
  • How to pick out a gift for a friend.
  • How to keep memories vivid.
  • How to improve your grades.
  • How to improve at sports.
  • How to help a person you don’t like.

Current Event Topics (2018)

  • How to understand gender identity.
  • How to respect gender identity.
  • How to be inoffensive with the gender identity of others.
  • How to have safe college campuses.
  • How to create a safe space from gun violence on college campuses.
  • How to make birth control affordable to all.
  • How to classify marital rape.
  • How to officially handle the confederate flag.
  • How to treat the death penalty.
  • How the death penalty evolved.
  • How the workplace can become more diverse.
  • How company board of directors can include women.
  • How to keep church and state separate.
  • How religious freedom can be respected.
  • How to allow women to serve in combat roles in the military.
  • How to equalize adoption rights for the LGBTQ community.
  • How to understand the gun controversy in America.
  • How to most fairly regulate gun ownership and purchase in America.
  • How to keep teachers protected in public schools.
  • How to regulate illegal drugs in America.
  • How Affirmative Action programs evolved.
  • How the government should protect whistleblowers.
  • How to reach a balance with immigration in America.
  • How to protect borders in America.
  • How to address illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border with their children.
  • How to help immigrants assimilate.
  • How to reach a balance with the number of immigrants allowed in the nation.
  • How to make healthcare in America more affordable for all.
  • How to address the usage of marijuana from a legislative perspective.
  • How to annihilate the wage gap between genders.
  • How the wage gap between genders evolved.
  • How to minimize public spending.
  • How to minimize welfare benefits.
  • How the welfare system evolved.
  • How the government should stimulate the economy.
  • How to regulate offshore banking.
  • How to update the electoral college system.
  • How the electoral college system came to be.
  • How to regulate corruption within lobbyists.
  • How to get more young people out to vote.
  • How to minimize voter ID fraud.
  • How the Trans-Pacific-Partnership came to be.
  • How climate change evolved.
  • How to deal with the negative impact of plastic on our environment.
  • How fracking originated.
  • How to Dakota Access Pipeline evolved.
  • How The United Nations evolved.
  • How to treat terrorists when they are in custody.
  • How ISIS evolved overseas.
  • How the United States should deal with the ISIS problem.
  • How the U.S. government should adjust foreign aid spending.
  • How to police the police force to maintain integrity and safety.
  • How to balance criminal voting rights.


Creating a piece of writing based on one of many process essay topics gives you the liberty to demonstrate your expertise.

Process essays ask you to showcase your understanding of how something works or how something should work.

As a student you’ll find that the average process essay asks you to often propose a solution to an already existing problem.

This gives you the opportunity to be creative and innovative.

You can offer up a step-by-step solution for how fix a pervasive problem afflicting society.

Likewise, a process essay will often ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of how something came to be.

Often times these essay prompts will ask you to look at current systems or issues in society.

Based on their existence, you will be asked to recount how they came to be, step by step.

Process essays ask you to show that you have a profound comprehension of how things work.

Your understanding should be so multilayered that you can make suggestions on how to improve things.

Alternatively, you should be able to recount how these complex situations came to manifest.

Give yourself as much time as you need to brainstorm for such an essay, and if you get stuck, our company is always there.

We have a group of highly experienced writers who are well-acquainted with creating novel process essays on a variety of topics.

Sometimes a sample essay can be just what you need to reignite your creative flow.

Process essays offer the opportunity to present your unique view of the world, even when you have to write about something simple.

Sharing your one-of-a-kind perspective with others is always a gift, even if your work isn’t perfect.

Sometimes the best ideas and most interesting viewpoints are the most flawed.

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