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1. Black/White binary been central to the discussion of race?

Black/White binary been has been central to the discussion of race because of Perceived racial discrimination (PRD). This is even more so with Black women. Precisely, there has been a decline in obvious racial discriminatory conduct (segregation, rights to vote) and quick rise in subtle racial discriminatory behavior. At the center of these issues for Black women is a struggle over nationality, power, and control that rotates around not just, but gender.

Black/White binary has been central to the discussion of race because indirect racial discrimination has likewise been theorized as racial microaggressions. Racial microaggressions are defined as an everyday exchange that sends demeaning messages to individuals of color for the reason that they belong to a racial minority class. All these conceptualizations highlight the secondary nature of this new racism that is entrenched in undecided attitudes in the direction of ethnic minorities.

2.Compare and contrast the constructionist and structural approaches to studying race.

Racial constructivism denotes to the dispute that, even if the biological race is untrue, races have come into being and persist in surviving through "human culture and human decisions." Race constructivists receive the disbelievers' notice of biological race nonetheless argue that the term still expressively refers to the broad grouping of persons into specific categories by society, indeed frequently by the very members of such racial attributions. However, in this case, according to the article, it relates to gender involving black women.

Structural approaches are described as a condition where one category of individuals has credited an unsatisfactory status about other groups of people. In the article, it would refer to gender involving black women. What makes constructionist and structural approaches similar are that they both highlight minorities and how they are looked at negatively. For example, from the article, it theorizes that gender, along with other sociodemographic variables, possibly effects the degree to which Perceived racial discrimination has an impact on the psychological health of black women.

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What makes constructionist and structural approaches different is that constructionist believes that there is a 'parallel between this beginning and the racial doctrines advocated in Europe, bestowing the black person as an integrally lesser being to the white man. The black women according to the article, are seen even smaller than the black man. Unlike Racial constructivism, structural approaches refer exactly to the inequalities that are systemically entrenched in the normal operations of dominant social organizations.

3.Discuss the six selected theories or interpretations from the constructionist and structural perspectives that were presented in this chapter.

When it comes to constructionist, the Social Development Theory can be developed from up under this. It argues that social interaction leads development; awareness and thought are the end product of social behavior and socialization. Bandura's Social Learning Theory suggests that individuals can learn from one another, using imitation, observation, and modeling. Behaviorism is considered to be a worldview that functions on a code of "stimulus-reply." It also stresses that all behavior is produced by external stimuli or what is known as the (operant conditioning).

For the structural perspective, one theory used is the social conflict theory. This approach looks at society as a system of groups that are not equal, and therefore consistently generate conflict and change. Think back to that example from the beginning of the lesson with the different groups of students in school. The feminist theory is frequently misunderstood as coming from a cluster of angry women who are trying to control men. However, this is not the case. Understood correctly, feminism is a viewpoint that views society as usually incapable among men and women and strives for fairness among the sexes. Theory of Social Action goes with structural perspective The….....

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West, L. M. (2010). Coping with Racism: What Works and Doesn't work For Black Women. Journal of Black Psychology, 30(12), 331 -- 334.

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