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This paper will analyze a particular case scenario and address the ethical issues presented for both the employee and the organization. A resolution to the issue will be proposed, which can help prevent similar future ethical scenarios.

Case Background

Cindy has been employed with TA (Total Associates), a downtown city management consultancy company, for the past three years. She aspires to enroll in a graduate business institution a year from now, and has begun the application formalities already. According to her workplace's policy, personnel who work after regular office hours can arrange for their dinner at the company's expense Furthermore, the worker is allowed to take an Uber or cab home at the company's expense, as well. Cindy remains at her work place on a regular basis until 8:00pm, even if her work does not require it, and orders food more than sufficient for her dinner, whose leftovers she can retain for the following day's lunch. Occasionally, her boyfriend shows up at the workplace for dinner and Cindy hires a cab/Uber to get them both to his home, at the company's expense. She does this frequently despite the double Uber/cab fare to his home, as compared to Cindy's. Lastly, Cindy remains at the office late when working on her college applications, using company equipment for printing out and copying applications.

Ethical Issues for Cindy

Substantial evidence from literature suggests that people working long hours, or on regular unconventional shifts (for instance, evening and night shifts), are highly prone to sickness and injury. Additionally, researchers have revealed that fatigue-linked errors among workers with highly-demanding work schedules have potential serious and negative public safety consequences. Consequently, bearing the above concerns in mind, the U.S. is witnessing increased support for novel protective legislation, for instance, for restricting work hours in the nursing and overall healthcare field. Cindy may become susceptible to the aforementioned effects owing to her unnecessary late hours at work. A second ethical issue for Cindy is her taking advantage of company benefits (food bill and Uber/cab fare at TA's expense, not just for herself but for her boyfriend, as well).

Ethical Issues for TA

TA may face certain ethical consequences for reimbursing employee dinner and cab-service expenses (Writer Thoughts). No checks are in place to ensure the workforce doesn't take advantage of these facilities and run TA dry. Fraud….....

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