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Literature Review

The study by Tobor (2016) examines the extent to which Niger Delta militants should be classified as terrorists or as a force seeking control of resources. Tobor (2016) identifies the problem related to this study as being one in which governmental policies designed to address the situation in the Niger Delta depend upon a proper and adequate understanding of the stakeholders. The study attempts to clarify the issue by identifying how Niger Delta militants can best be described -- whether as terrorists or as militants. The classification is essential because the label impacts the way policy makers approach the situation and their view of stakeholders' objectives. Tobor (2016) expects that the findings of the study can help strategists from multinational oil firms and governmental policy makers to find solutions to support a more peaceful working environment in which all sides and stakeholders can co-exist.

Tobor (2016) clearly defines and articulates the problem at the outset of the study stating that confusion about how to regard militants -- as terrorists or as clamor for resource control -- causes problems for all stakeholders in terms of working towards peace in the Niger Delta. Tobor (2016) utilizes critical theory and the political economy approach specifically (p. 24), which is an appropriate lens for viewing the problem, as the political-economic factors are main drivers that impact stakeholders' perspective on the situation.
Tobor (2016) appropriately uses and applies relevant literature throughout, with the majority of sources coming from recent publications (within the past 5 years). Quantity of sources was not emphasized over quality as all the sources used relate in some way to the issue at hand. The literature review itself adheres to the parameters set forward by Tobor in the outset and admits of neither bias nor deviation from the topic. The literature serves to contextualize and support the research topic. The research question is clearly stated and logically derives from the literature review (p. 24).

The methods employed by Tobor (2016) were qualitative; 20 participants were included in the sample, and interviews were conducted with the participants in order to identify key themes that could be analyzed to derive a deeper understanding of the militants in question and how they might best be categorized. The sample size was adequate for the study as the small number allowed for the researcher to conduct more in-depth analysis….....

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Tobor, J. (2016). Terrorism or clamor for resource control: An analysis of Nigeria's

Niger Delta militants. Journal of Terrorism Research, 7(3): 23-34

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