Profane Language and Inappropriate Media Content in Shows for Children Essay

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Disney has been on the spotlight for the wrong reasons in the recent years because it started featuring controversial content in children's shows. Parents and the society have been annoyed by these apparent careless business media content productions. In around 2010, Disney came up with a show named "Shake it up." The theme and plot were wound around two best friends in adventure. Rocky Blue and Cece Jones were the protagonists in the show. They are working hard to become great dancers. They come into contact with Ty who also has a friend named Deuce Martinez. The new friends lead Cece and Rocky to performances in a local show named Shake It Up, Chicago" Consequently, the best friends consequently begin to experience fame and celebrity status. They have never been celebrities, so they have to learn the ropes to live with attention. They pursue raping and dancing ventures. Although the plot was outstanding, the show was not well received by the intended audience (Wen, 2013).

The reviews by IMDB suggest that viewers were not amused with the show. Some viewers who were distraught by the show pointed out that the content in the show was not appropriate for children of between the ages 4 and 6 years; although, ironically, this is the very audience the show had been targeted. Some critics described the show as the worst that Disney had ever produced in years. Some viewers criticized it by stating that the characters were unlikable. They gave the details of their dismay about the characters. Some of them stated that the characters were overly annoying, self-centered and whiny.

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They further said that the show was devoid of moral lessons. Another group of critics said that the show taught children to become disrespectful of their teachers, parents and seniors in general. Still, others claimed that it was simply awful and its production bizarre. Further, it was noted that the show contained offensive jokes regarding anorexia. They site evidence and pick out the line where a model cracks a joke directed at a teenage character and says that he could just eat the teenage up. Such sentiments made Disney to withdraw two of the episodes it had lined up in the show series in 2011.

A good number of experts and educators have noted that there is a significant number of clear references to issues related to sex and love. There is evidence of visible violence and inappropriate language use in various scenes. Shooting is also common in several scenes. It is worth noting that although media helps in many ways including influencing how things should be done, children are vulnerable because they are still in the learning and experimenting stage. Consequently, there is danger that they will absorb everything they see and hear on TV and similar media (Wen, 2013). Research shows that the greater percentage of the profanity that children show was learnt from media sources such as TV and games.

I'm not suggesting here that everything presented by media channels is bad; In fact, there are many shows that are very helpful in the child's development and learning process.….....

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