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The Trump Era travel ban has ruffled a lot of feathers. People suggest the travel ban goes against the rights of U.S. citizens, residents, and people on visa. President Donald Trump’s actions has led to fierce criticism on both the Republic and Democratic sides as well as bring about legal challenges. Many Americans agree that the temporary banning of refugees and immigration from specific countries is wrong. They agree because they feel it is not necessary in guaranteeing the safety of the United States. While the travel ban allows some Americans to feel safe during an age where terrorism dominates, it creates racial tension and hatred; additionally, banning certain countries or immigration has been done in the United States before, showing a dark side to the nation.

Terrorism is a prevailing topic across the globe. From London to France, terrorism and immigration problems have generated an uneasy atmosphere that has shown a perceived increase in crime, terrorist propaganda and massacres. However, this perception is flawed. There has been a decrease in terrorist attacks, with an increase only in severity (Foley) If the United States under President Trump wishes to protect itself and its people by limiting who can come into the country, this may not be the best route.
The thing that is important to understand is that the banning of these countries is nothing new.

Going back more than a century, the Chinese Exclusion Act kept Chinese immigrants from moving to the United States and those that were in the United States, from gaining citizenship. “Chinese Exclusion Act stops immigration of Chinese for one decade and stops Chinese from being U.S. citizens.” (Soennichsen xiv) It took years for Chinese people and Chinese Americans to gain any kind of foothold within the United States. The American government did this to maintain ‘stability’ in the American economy.

The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 demonstrated the first major law that restricted immigration into the country. Those living in the West Coast saw the Chinese workers as direct competitors and attributed economic ills and declining wages to their immigration. The act placated worker demands and allowed satisfaction for those wishing to maintain white ‘racial purity’. (Gyory) The motives behind the exclusion were deeply seeded in racism and demonstrates the ugly side of the American government. The same was done to the Japanese in WWI,….....

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