Medical Assistants Memorandum

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medical assistants memorandum

Essay Prompt

Create a memo for new Medical Assistants explaining how customer service impacts reimbursement of physician services and overall expense reimbursement for the medical facility. Also explain how and why customer service is the one thing that sets their organization apart from their competitors. When writing your memo, be sure to:
Organize your thoughts and use the effective communication skills you learned previously.
Use proper memo formatting.

Remember to apply a tone that is suitable for new Medical Assistants.

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To:       All Medical Assistants

From:  Project Director

SubJ:   The importance of customer service in a tertiary healthcare setting

Executive Summary: 

As you all know, the healthcare industry has been transformed in substantive ways as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the growing need for timely recordation of services rendered in order to attain appropriate reimbursement of physician services and overall expense reimbursement for the medical facility. This memorandum explains how and why customer service is the one thing that sets their organization apart from their competitors.

Importance of Customer Service from Medical Assistants’ Perspective

Please know that our organization appreciates your unwavering efforts to provide the best possible medical care to our valued patients. Medical assistants are on the forefront of the provision of this care, and we need your support to ensure that your services are compensated appropriately. This is in everyone’s best interests because unplanned turnover can cost this organization far more than anyone realizes, and your diligence in keeping accurate records is an essential part of this process.

In order to achieve optimal outcomes, it is vitally important for all medical assistance to comply with the requirements for recording services rendered and collaboration with other medical staff, and most especially the physicians who are tasked with providing effective healthcare services. For instance, Page (2010) reports that, “There’s a lot of space and a lot of ability for doctors and medical assistants to communicate between patients. Doctors will be out there with their computers, so you can accomplish a lot in a short period of time” (p. 15). In other words, we are counting on you to help ensure that this organization is appropriately reimbursed for all medical care services provided to our patients, a task that is daunting but nevertheless an essential part of remaining solvent in order to continue providing high-quality healthcare services to those in need.

Against this backdrop, please keep in mind the need for top-notch customer service because this is what distinguishes us from our competitors and provides us with a competitive advantage that is needed to expand our healthcare services in the future. Please also know that we recognize the need for additional training to help you acquire the customer service skills that are needed for this outcome. As Bowers (2010) points out, “Just because that person you met at the fast food restaurant or gym seemed to have a great personality, that does not mean he or she is knowledgeable about patient relations, customer service, or insurance claims processing” (p. 41).

In sum, not only do we value you as talented and skilled medical assistants, we also recognize the importance of your contribution to optimal healthcare outcomes in our organization. We want to help become the best medical assistants possible because this is in everyone’s best interests. Please contact the undersigned if you have any questions and thank you for helping make this institution the life-saver people deserve and need.



Bowers, L. A. (2010, September 1). Front and center. Medical Economics, 87(17), 40-43.

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