Personal Statement in Fashion Design Essay

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Personal Statement in Fashion Design Essay

Here is an example of a personal statement essay that a student provided to a University where they were applying to their fashion design school.  This document should serve as a template or guideline in completing your own personal statement.  A personal statement is usually a requirement when applying for college or a job.

Personal Statement

I am a passionate fashion designer and advocate of good grooming. I perfected this art from the vast knowledge gained in fashion design experiences from Parsons the New School for Design. I have previously interned for Anna Sui, but currently interning for the production department at Samuel Style Inc. From my internships experiences, I learned about the problems I would encounter on job sites and much hands-on knowledge of the industry. With my passion and desire to be one of the best designers in the world, I have made a decision to pursue a graduate schooling at Integrated Marketing program NYU School of Professional Studies. I have a reason to further my career and give it the best effort possible after undertaking some graduate training. Besides, I will be able to master what is universally reasonable for a good fashion designer. From this experience, I will assess my creativity and preparedness as expected from my new skill. With my initial studies, I will develop what becomes a part of life or a lifestyle that will never change in my life. I desire to have an innate passion seen from the nature of the products manufactured.

Personally, I value education at its best. I value the fact that we can build what we believe in and what makes us happy and progressive in the world of growth and development through education. Besides, have the opportunity to get new ideas, skills, and experiences required in conquering the challenges in a dynamic business environment. By attending NYU School of Professional Studies, I see a pathway of developing values that are a necessity in building successful business merchandise or anything called a business. Professionally, I desire to be someone with subtle recognition in the world of fashion industry. I will love to be a role model, a sign of creativity, and everything is good when it comes to fashion designs. I desire to be successful in this field. However, this requires the commitment to taking professional, academic, and fruitful steps realized in an educational process. With my desired Master’s program, I see a life full of possibilities. Thus, I seek an advantage to partake of the master education offered at Integrated Marketing program NYU School Professional Studies.

This program is not just about fashion. There is more regarding individual development and awareness through this training. In fact, it promotes business-minded development, which I highly desire in my life right now. I need to learn more about the business operations, skills, development strategies, and other aspects things required the business environment in developing my career. I believe that NYU School of Professional Studies will offer me the desired exposure while furthering my knowledge in fashion and design. Entrepreneurship requires creativity, awareness of the market, product appeal, and popular culture among others. Since I feel that the training that I acquired from the bachelor training is insufficient in bringing the best out of me, it is appropriate to pursue this master training. With my desire to have my clothing in future, the skills gained from this program will strengthen my budding entrepreneurship skills and open doors to the world of infinite possibilities. Besides, the knowledge will enhance my personal interrelationship skills both at school and in the business world.

I am aware that with training, a person acquires open-minded perspective when he or she will interact with new scholars, new ideas, new career paths, and many other things that have the potential to transform a business. I believe that this program is just what I need to prepare myself as I focus fully on enjoying the benefits and overcoming the challenges in the fashion and design industry.

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