How to write a thesis statement

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Learning how to write a good thesis statement is not hard, but there are some factors that students should take into account to ensure their thesis statements are appropriate and meaningful. The type of research paper or essay will also influence the type of thesis statement that should be used. In brief, a thesis statement sums up a research paper or essay’s main argument and the writers’ position on this argument. Although the term is singular, thesis statements can consist of one OR two sentences. In many cases, a single sentence is insufficient to adequately express both the main argument and the writers’ viewpoint, so the first sentence is used to explain the main argument and the second sentence is used to explain the writers’ own take on the argument. Some useful tips to writing good thesis statements including ensuring that there are no ambiguous statements or double-barreled words that could be misconstrued, and ensuring that there is no misunderstanding about the purpose of the written assignment. Finally, the key words that are used in the thesis statement are then used to elaborate on these points in the main paper.

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