What Does It Mean to Be Human Essay?

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what does it mean to be human essay

Although human share about 90 percent of the same genetic codes as apes and scientists continue to identify several behaviors that were formerly regarded as uniquely human such as tool-making, most people agree that humans are different from all other species on earth for various reasons. When you are assigned an essay concerning what it means to be human, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts about what distinguishes homo sapiens from the rest of the animal kingdom. These reasons depend on your point of view, of course, but a good place to start is intellect (i.e, if dolphins are so smart, why do keep getting caught in nets and why don’t they have cable television?), spirituality (i.e., humans bury their dead and universally worship higher powers across all cultures), the scientific method, and ongoing technological innovations. These and the other distinguishing characteristics of humanity can be easily supported for searching reliable online databases such as EBSCO, the Human Genome Project, and Live Science.

If you’re more interested in the spiritual perspective, you can also draw on resources such as various creationism Web sites while arguments in support of technological innovation differences can also be used.  No matter what perspectives you use to distinguish humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, you should be able to support your views with a rationale analysis and the more your draw on scholarly sources, the better your arguments will appear.

This type of essay should also follow the general five-paragraph format where you use an introduction to provide an attention-getting statement and a description of what your essay will argue, three body paragraphs that support and further develop your arguments and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the research and important findings concerning what is means to be human.

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