How to write a research paper

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One of the harsh realities of higher education is the inevitably of writing research papers. Writing a research paper involves more than just finding as much information about a given topic or issue as possible and then presenting a summary of the research. Research papers require students to rely on scholarly sources, of course, but they must also present this material in a logical and systematic fashion together with their own perspectives, views, ideas and thoughts concerning what they have found. This part of writing a research paper can be the hardest for some students because they are uncertain whether they own views about an issue are sufficiently valid or informed to include them, or they are hesitant to express an opinion for fear of being labeled naïve or even worse. This reluctance may prevent them from expressing their views or opinions as fully as they would like, and it will invariably diminish the quality of the research paper that results. Provided students are thoughtful in their analysis, though, and support their views with relevant resources, even “off-the-wall” views can contribute to the overall originality and quality of a research paper.

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