Motivation Letter for MBA Admissions (Example)

This is an example Motivation Letter for a student trying to be admitted to a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Program.

I graduated from XYZ University with a degree in Russian Literature. My parents thought I was going to end up becoming a professor or teaching. My friends were sure that I would end up in the fast-paced world of journalism. Neither was correct. I started working in publishing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I liked the deadlines, the pressure to constantly create new content, and the tall stack of books I had to read. I liked nurturing new clients and helping to develop their talent. Until one day, my boss asked me to act as tour guide to a talented first-time author who was visiting from Sweden. I was a little apprehensive as I had never spent more than 45 minutes at time with any of our clients, let alone a whole afternoon. This client was exceedingly nice to spend time with and by the end of the day, she had expressed so many of her fears to me as a first time writer: afraid her book would be lost in obscurity. That day I did something that surprised me: I came up with a five-point public relations campaign for this client out of the blue. I spoke about reaching out to bloggers, social media marketers, local news stations, local magazines, Swedish reporters living in our city, and other PR approaches. I had discovered a hidden talent on the spot.

Four years later, I have changed jobs and am now working at the in-house PR department of the publishing company. I still have to write daily and had to evaluate the work of clients, but now the mentality was different. I have to tackle the challenge of deciding how to launch them into the world and how to present them to prospective audiences. There are more obstacles and more unknowns in the equation and I truly love the mental challenge. Now, if you ask me what I’d like to be in 10 years, the answer is I’d like to run my own PR company and cater to some of the biggest influencers in the art world and entertainment. To achieve this goal, I’m currently working eight jobs at my current company, learning the ins and outs of PR from the ground up. Every weekend I go to events for our clients and I study every angle of the business, so that I understand how it operates in this highly competitive time. I know that completing my MBA at Yale will force me to critically think and learn with a rigor that will prepare me beyond my most optimistic expectations.

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