Personal Statement Application for Clinical Pharmacology (example)

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Personal Statement Application for Clinical Pharmacology (example)

This is an example of a personal statement for an application.  This student is applying to a PhD program for Clinical Pharmacology at a University.

Essay Prompt

Application for a PhD program (clinical pharmacy project)
this PhD is part of my job as I’m working in university and i have to do a PhD

The Personal Statement should be between 250-500 words and should answer the following three questions:
Why have you chosen to apply to the University of Aberdeen to study this subject?
Which personal qualities do you possess that will help you to successfully complete this programme of study?
How will studying this programme help you when you return home and in your future career?

Personal Statement

There are a multitude of benefits that are associated with the clinical pharmacy PhD project programme at the University of Aberdeen. The idea that the role of pharmacists has been largely underutilized in providing the highest possible quality of care is not new. In fact, since the late 1980s, the University of Aberdeen has been an advocate for extending pharmacists’ roles in playing a leading role in health care provision and maintenance. The pharmacist stands to contribute significantly more in regards to medicine management, clinical decision-making, and general patient support; especially in a field that has been marked by significant levels of increasing complexity. As a consequence, I have chosen the University of Aberdeen for their experience in the discipline, the dedication to expanding the research environment, and the interdisciplinary approach to responding to infection and disease among other cross-disciplinary endeavours.

I believe that I have many personal qualities that are relevant to achieving excellence in the PhD programme and these qualities can be extrapolated from my academic and professional experience. For example, my dedication to academic achievement is exhibited by graduating from the College of Pharmacy at the King Saud University with honours, as well as achieving a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy at the University College London with merit status. Furthermore, my professional experience has also included a diverse collection of positions that have escalated in their responsibility and scope, as well as provided a solid foundation in which I can enter into the next phase of my studies with confidence.

I believe that the successful completion of the PhD programme at the University of Aberdeen will provide me the theoretical and analytical skills that will allow me to return to Saudi Arabia in a better position to facilitate health outcomes in my domestic country in a variety of ways. For example, the PhD programme will prepare me to be a more effective lecture and help to train the next generation of Saudi leaders in clinical pharmacology. However, my real passion lies in pursuing research efforts that are most salient to the public good of the country, by helping to foster a healthcare system that bridges cultures in the application of evidence-based practices, and to provide the effective and efficient health care practices available from the global community in our home country.

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