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buy essays online safe

Have you been contemplating purchasing an essay to help you meet your next deadline, teach you how to write a particular type of essay, or help you with a research project?  Are you worried about whether you can buy essays online safe?  After all, with identity theft becoming an increasingly serious problem in our society, engaging in any type of internet transaction with strangers can be frightening.  Add to that, the additional stress of worrying about classmates or professors discovering your purchase, and the whole essay buying process can be downright intimidating.  Fortunately, we offer a safe and secure way for you to buy essays online.

How We Keep You Safe

First, we guarantee confidentiality.  We have a two-part ordering system.  We handle billing separately from our communications with our writers.  You choose a user name to use on our system, and the writers choose their own user names.  You are both anonymous, so that it eliminates any concerns that you are putting your private business out there for just anyone to see.  We bill you as our parent company, a generic name which does not give away the nature of your transaction to anyone who happens to see your credit card bill.  This means that you can discretely and confidentially purchase your essay from our company.  The writers never have access to your name or contact information.

Next, we keep your billing information safe and secure.  We use a 256-bit encryption system to keep your data secure.  256-bit encryption means that we use a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data.  It is the standard used for modern encryption algorithms.  Many people believe this means that every bit of data that is encrypted has 256 possible solutions.  However, without getting too technical, suffice it to say that is very wrong.  Instead, because every bit of encrypted data is tied to a binary 1/0 combination of 256 different pieces of data, there are actually 2 to the 256th power number of solutions for each piece of data.  How big is 2 to the 256th power?  Really big; there are 115,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269,984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,639,936 combinations.  To crack an encryption key, hackers generally use what is known as brute-force, which is a trial and error method that requires trying all of the possible combinations.  To try all of those combinations would take even the fastest supercomputer millions of years.  In other words, given current computing possibilities, 256-bit encryption is virtually uncrackable.

Another way we keep you safe is by providing you with an essay that is 100% unique, completed from scratch, and based on your specifications.  How does this help keep you safe?  Many essay websites resell essays that they have previously sold to other customers.  Buying from sites likes that leaves you vulnerable, as those essays may already have been scanned by plagiarism software.  While we sell our essays for example purposes, we know that if you use them as a guideline you may include similar sentences or even quotes in your own paper.  Having it flagged as plagiarism exposes you to unwanted scrutiny of your schoolwork.  Therefore, we protect your safety by providing you with completely custom-written work completed after you have placed your order.

When we promise you that all of the material in your essay is 100% unique, custom-written for you, what do we mean?  We mean that they are free from all plagiarism.  Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your own.  Depending on the type of paper you order, it may contain quotations or other citations within the body of the paper.  As long as quotations or citations are properly identified in the body of the paper and properly cited in a works cited page or footnotes, they are not only permissible in academic papers, but actually expected.

Another way we guarantee your safety is that all sources utilized in your example essay are properly cited in the paper and on your work-cited page.  What does this do for you?  It allows you to safely quote from any essay you receive from us.  Material that is not in quotations or otherwise sourced is original material and can cited as an original essay source.  Material that is quoted or otherwise cited can be used, as is, in your own essay.  Because we guarantee that it will be sourced correctly, we save you much of the time involved in researching quotations, while still ensuring that you will not be committing what we call “technical plagiarism”- where you quote material but fail to cite it correctly.

Finally, we respect your privacy.  Many companies, from rival essay writing companies to well-known social media companies, take your information and sell it to third parties.  We will never do this to you.  In fact, we do not collect demographic information connected to your name; your personal identifying information is only used for billing purposes.  For all other interactions on our website, you use an anonymous identifier.  You are not linked to that anonymous identifier outside of our billing system.

Now that you know that we provide a safe way to buy essays online, you may be wondering if it is the right choice for you.  Obviously, we do not know why you are considering purchasing an essay.  Our customers come to us for a wide variety of reasons.  Work and family obligations or health challenges can have even the strongest and most dedicated students struggling to keep up with their classwork obligations.  For students who find school challenging, the struggles can be even more significant.  To us, your reasons for purchasing a paper are your reasons.  We do not need to know them to complete a fantastic custom-written paper that exactly matches your specifications.

However, you do need to know why we provide this service to our customers.  We are very clear in all of our disclaimers that our papers are provided as example essays.  We believe that the art and craft of writing has really declined, in large part due to the emphasis that K-12 education places on expository writing while failing to really explore other types of writing.  More and more students are entering college without the skills necessary to write a strong academic paper.  We believe that by providing our customers with very well-written example papers, we can help you become a stronger writer.  Not only can you use our essays as a template for your own essays, but also learn how to incorporate APA, MLA, and other academic formats in your essays, learn how to properly site sources, and learn the appropriate way to use quotations and citations in your paper.  We are not alone in our belief that these example essays help our customers become better, stronger writers; a learn-by-example approach is endorsed by college professors around the world!


Clearly, it is possible to buy essays online safe and securely.  Not only do we protect your financial information with security industry standard 256-bit encryption, but we help you keep your identity private, even from the writers that complete your assignments for you.  We want you to know that you can use our service privately and securely to help you become a better writer.

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