African American College Admissions Essay (Example)

This is a college admissions essay for an African American student trying to be admitted to Rutgers University.

I’ve had the honor of studying for the last four years in an all girls Catholic preparatory high school in America, a first world nation. The experience of my education in the last few years has been perfect in many ways: I’ve received a world class education in an environment that prioritizes the female experience. The teachers I had have been intellectually brilliant and appropriately demanding of us and I’ve had to learn more than I thought I would be able to while completing papers and projects according to the highest standards of excellence. Equally important, the backdrop of Catholicism at my school has given me a solid foundation of ethics and moral responsibility, and has highlighted the necessity of being of service to less fortunate people in our world.

As an African American, I’m well aware of the lasting legacy that slavery and segregation has left on our country and the after-effects of these evils still felt today. This awareness has given me an even greater sense of purpose towards my academic and professional journey. I know that while Rutgers was not one of the first universities to aware African American students degrees, it was not one of the last, as it awarded James Dickson Carr his college degree in 1892. In recent times, Rutgers has rightly made efforts to properly honor Carr and others who have made such meaningful contributions to the school and to national history. Milestones like these help me to know that I would be in a safe place to aggressively pursue issues that matter to me, such as better equality and representation and to fight pervasive issues such as mass incarceration.

Just as my Catholic high school has helped to shape my viewpoints on right and wrong, I feel that Rutgers can be a place where I shape my beliefs about justice versus injustice. Given Rutgers’ strong history of inclusion and equality, I believe I will deepen my understanding of the importance of fairness and how to realistically achieve it. It’s one thing to want to be of service in making the world a kinder and more just place; however, only special institutions like Rutgers give students a roadmap on how to pragmatically reach such goals.

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