Personal Statement for Doctor Residency Program Ophthalmology (Example)

This is a personal statement for a student attempting to gain admission to a Doctor Residency Program for Ophthalmology.

For over a decade now, I’ve made a commitment to the fascinating and at times mysterious study of the human eye and the sense of vision. To me, vision is the most important of the five senses, as it allows us to process the world around us. Those who suffer from eye diseases that cause them a lack of vision are some of the most unfortunate people in the world, and I feel it is my absolute duty to help them. Hence, I have spent the last twelve years working 60-80 hours per week, studying both the foundation of the human eye and vision, as well as some of the more hidden nuances of vision and the eyes. As some applying for a doctorate residency in ophthalmology, I see it as my absolute duty to be able to readily diagnose every single possible eye disease and be current with the most viable forms of treatment. It is also my duty to commit myself to developing a cure for blindness and for other debilitating degenerative eye diseases, so no one in our society has to suffer in this manner.

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