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Need a Custom Writing Service?

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you’re searching for a legitimate essay writing service but aren’t sure where to start. This is not surprising given the enormous number of essay writing services that have emerged since our company started operations more than 20 years ago. In fact, a Google search for the term “essay writing services” produces more than 5 million matches, and finding the best company among these providers is clearly a daunting enterprise. Even if you got started right now searching through this staggering list of essay writing services at the rate of one per minute, it would take you almost 10 years to finish your review and by that time, your assignment will probably be VERY late indeed. The chances of your finding the best essay writing service for your specific needs using this approach are also low and the potential for you to use a fly-by-night operator are high. Therefore, and because time is of the essence, we’ll “cut to the chase” and get right to the point by describing the main types of writing services we offer below.

Essay Writing Service

At some point in your academic career, you’ll need to write an essays and most likely dozens of them. In fact, teachers LOVE essays. Derived from the French for “to try” or “to attempt,” an essay is a relatively short written piece and can assume a number of types, including persuasive, descriptive, narrative and expository and each different type of essay has a different purpose. For instance, narrative essays are used to describe a real-world experience of some type, descriptive essays are used to “paint a picture with words,” persuasive essays (as the term implies) are used to persuade others that your arguments are right, and expository essays are used to provide a balanced view on a topic of interest. Although their purposes are different, all essays typically use a standard five-paragraph format (introduction, three paragraphs in the body and a conclusion) and each paragraph has its own requirements that students must follow.

Although writing essays can be enormously rewarding and even fun in terms of new knowledge gained, the process is daunting for many students who lack the experience required to research and write a high quality essay. Our professional writers can help you learn how to write superior essays by showing you how they approached the research and writing process in ways that provide you with a major return (“the gift that keeps on giving”) on your investment in our services.

Research Paper Writing Service

Besides essays, another common requirement in virtually all college coursework is the dreaded research paper. Like expository essays, research papers are present a review of the relevant literature concerning an issue of interest and like persuasive essays, they make an argument about one side or the other. In sum, research papers are an expanded type of essay that are used to demonstrate the ability to locate appropriate resources and integrate them into a cohesive whole that makes a point or different perspective.

Our talented group of motivated American writers has a cumulative total of more than 2 centuries of experience in writing research papers, and many of them have literally completed tens of thousands of research papers over the years. As a result, we can provide professional writing assistance for virtually any type of research paper with 100% originality and the valuable insights about hot topics that only years of experience can provide.

Dissertation Writing Service

Just as a research paper is an expanded type of essay, a dissertation is a lengthier type of essay focusing on a particular subject or topic, and is typically used at the doctoral level. Dissertations represent the opportunity for students to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of an issue and contribute new knowledge and insights to the existing body of research. Many dissertations also follow a conventional five-chapter format, beginning with an introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis and a summary and conclusion, although other formats are also commonly used depending on the discipline and educational institution

Drawing on their own experiences, our writing staff can produce the fresh insights and new contributions to the body of knowledge that are needed as part of the dissertation writing process, and although we do have a standard charge, it is impossible to quantify the enormity of the value of this level of service. Many of our writers are recognized and published experts in their fields, and by selecting a graduate-level writer, you’re assured of receiving this level of research and writing. Indeed, many of our graduate writers have completed dozens of PhD dissertations during their careers and they can help you too.

Capstone Project Writing Service

A capstone project is an end-of-course requirement that involves independent research on an issue or subject, typically of students’ choice. In collaboration with their faculty, students produce a written assignment that demonstrates their in-depth knowledge and understanding. Because these assignments can directly relate to students’ personal and professional interests, capstone projects represent a unique opportunity to gain new knowledge that can help them with their future careers. In fact, many students include their capstone projects as part of their professional portfolios, so it is vitally important to produce a high-quality timely and thoughtful project.

Based on their years of experience in completing capstone projects on a wide array of topics, our writers can provide you with a custom model that can be used to develop your own final capstone project and this material can even be included in the final version provided students cite and attribute the source properly. Our writers use the latest peer-reviewed journal articles and scholarly texts, and have access to EBSCOhost as well as other premium research services such as Questia. In sum, our cadre of American writers are “the pros from Dover” when it comes to capstone project writing services which can help you in your academic and professional careers.

Resume Writing Service

Like essays, “resume” also comes from the French for “a summary” and these documents are used to summarize an individual’s personal accomplishments and professional experience. In addition, also like essays, there are a number of different types of resumes, including chronological, functional, combination and targeted resumes. Each of these different types of resumes uses a different format to present the individuals accomplishments and experience, and knowing which type of use for different job applications is essential.

We can help you determine which type of resume best suits your needs and write you a completely new resume or revise and update your current resume to make it shine. Our staff of talented writers can also help you zero in on what is important to prospective employers, helping you gain a competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace.

Why Students Need Help?

There are countless reasons why people need academic writing services, including most especially a lack of writing experience. Indeed, even seasoned writers can suffer from “writer’s block” from time to time and for many students, writing a term paper or essay is right up there with public speaking – and it can be highly intimidating and even depressing. Some students simply do not know where or how to begin writing about a given topic and may give up as a result.

The process is especially challenging for many students who enter college woefully unprepared by their high school teachers for the rigorous writing assignments and citation styles that are routinely required for academic success (for this reason, we also offer college application writing services to help struggling writers gain admission to their educational institution of choice as well as resume writing services to help individuals secure the position of their dreams).

The flashing cursor on a blank word processing screen is the modern-day equivalent of the blank sheet of paper that has intimidated writers since antiquity, so you’re certainly not alone if you find yourself in this predicament. When you order a custom writing assignment from us, though, you will gain a better understanding concerning how professional academic writers approach completing the writing assignment so that you can become a more proficient writer in the future. Many of our clients have reported experiencing an “ah-ha!” moment when they review their completed assignments and more confidently apply this learning to future writing assignments.

In other cases, even English as second language students who are otherwise highly proficient writers in their native language may experience problems writing at the college level due to limited proficiency in the English language. While many if not most of these students gain proficiency over time, college is a harsh taskmaster that brooks no delays so these individuals need some professional essay writing assistance from time to time.

In addition, growing numbers of college students are working full-time jobs (sometimes more than one) and experience significant problems trying to balance their busy home and work schedules with their school obligations. In other cases, some students simply require short-term writing assistance as a result of illnesses or surgery or to help care for family members who are sick or otherwise in need of care. Moreover, these are also the same reasons that many celebrities, including prominent politicians (i.e., Hard Choices and The Art of the Deal), have used ghostwriters over the years. Although the reasons for needing professional academic writing assistance may differ, a common need remains to select the best essay writing company for your specific needs and we explain why we’re your best choice below.

Why Choose Us?

We know that you have several questions and concerns but regardless of the specific reason you’re in need of writing services, you’ve come to the right place. Since our founding in 1998, we have literally helped tens of thousands of similarly situated students with their academic writing needs – and we are positive that we can help you too! Unlike many of our competitors, we only work with carefully vetted, highly qualified, native-speaking English writers who hold advanced degrees in various disciplines (many with doctorate degrees), stellar writing skills and a unwavering commitment to meeting tight deadlines with high quality academic writing. All of our professional essay writers have proven themselves as the best in the essay services industry as the testimonials provided at the bottom of the page clearly demonstrate.

Besides custom essay writing and editing services, we also maintain an exhaustive searchable database of more than 110,000 essays on a wide range of topics that can help guide you in developing your own academic masterpiece.

We are also extremely proud of our exceptional customer service as well as our longstanding A-plus rating by the Better Business Bureau and strive to meet these high quality standards with every client. In addition, our company is headquartered in New Jersey with a satellite location in Florida, and is 100 percent U.S. owned and operated. Our company also provides a host of free but valuable writing guides as well as a wide range of custom writing services. To save you time, a brief description of how the process works is provided below.

How it Works

Based on our exhaustive experience helped students with the writing needs over the past 20 years, we’ve designed and implemented a custom online platform that matches your specific writing assignments needs, budget and deadline with a highly qualified academic writer who specializes in your subject area. The basic steps involved in placing and receiving an order with our company are illustrated below.

essay writing service

Step #1: Order placement and account creation (time required: a few minutes)

When you initially place an order in step #1, please provide as much detailed information about your assignment as possible. You’ll be requested to indicate the number of pages you need, the required or preferred citation style, the academic level of the assignment, the number of references needed and the number of days required for delivery. In addition, you can also include other information concerning your assignment during this step as well. Such additional information (i.e., the use of specific course readings, a review of specific Web sites, or special formatting requirements) will help your assigned writer determine how best to approach your project so that you receive exactly what you need. Although our writers routinely go “above and beyond” in an effort to assist our clients regardless of the project size or topic, providing them with all of the information they need at the outset is essential for ensuring you receive what you need.

Nevertheless, we are also flexible and understand that in some cases, new requirements are assigned after the fact or you may have questions as the writing process progresses so we make sure that you can communicate directly with your writer through our message board. You can also use this feature to send additional resource files and generally keep abreast of progress during step #2 discussed further below.

Next, using either Facebook Connect or an email address, you’ll be asked to create a client account. In either case, your personal information will never be shared with anyone and we will never communicate with you on your Facebook page. In other words, your personal information is protected and we place a high priority on confidentiality. Please read our privacy policy and terms of service (links below) to determine what type of information we do collect and share.

We also encourage our clients to create strong, unique passwords for their account. In addition, you’ll be requested to provide a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) that you’ll need to communicate with our customer service department. You can also change your PIN for any reason in your account profile, but please keep careful track of this four-digit number so that we can better serve you since it is required to connect with our customer service staff.

Following confirmation of your order details, you will receive an order summary that includes the currency type (i.e., US dollars), document length and type, pricing plan, and delivery date. At this point, your payment will be processed and we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal as shown below at which point you then move to step #2.

Essay Writing Service - Payment Options

Step #2: Writer assignment (time required: immediate to a few days depending on assignment topic, level and writer type selection and availability)

This step involves either (1) posting your project to our assignment board where our hand-selected pool of talented writers will review and accept it, depending on the professional preferences and availability or (2) assigning your project directly to specifically requested writers (providing they are willing to accept them) as shown in the table below.

Following acceptance by one of our talented writers as described above, your writer will schedule your project for completion, begin preliminary research and advise you immediately through the message board if there are any questions. During this step, you may also communicate with customer service or directly with your assigned writer through our message board if you have any questions or concerns.

Your assigned writer will then proceed to complete your academic writing project strictly according to your assignment guidelines and requested citation style, including the number of requested references and any other detailed instructions that are unique to your project. In fact, one of the major benefits of working with American and other native English speaking writers is their ability to readily understand and follow the instructions you provide. This is also why it is especially important to share as much information about your assignment requirements from the outset as described in step #1 above.

When your essay or other academic writing assignment is completed, your assigned writer submits it through our custom platform where it is carefully reviewed by our quality assurance staff in step #3 described below.

Step #3: Quality assurance (time required: upon receipt from writer)

This step helps to ensure that all of the assignment requirements were satisfied or exceeded, that the essay, term paper or other academic writing assignment is completely original and also conforms to the required citation style. In order to ensure that this step does not delay the delivery of your completed project, our company has quality assurance editors in place around-the-clock who diligently review each and every completed assignment for the following issues:

  • Match rate and originality: This is important! Indeed, some musicologists argue that it is impossible to write an original bar of music today because of the enormous amount of music that has been written over the centuries. Likewise, with more than one billion sites already in place on the World Wide Web and hundreds of thousands more being added each month, the potential for inadvertent and coincidental exact matches of text, especially shorter phrases, increases exponentially. Because we are acutely aware of just how important originality is for all academic writing assignments, we scan all work product submitted by our writers to ensure that they are 100 percent original and that any quotations are properly cited and attributed. In sum, you can rest assured that your delivered assignment is completely original.
  • Structure and writing mechanics: Even seasoned essay writers can overlook simple mistakes in spelling and grammar, or otherwise overlook something that would detract from the high quality of your completed assignment. In the event any errors are identified during this process, the assignment is immediately returned to the assigned writer for revisions. Once our quality assurance editors ensure that all revisions have been satisfactorily made, then, and only then, will your project be forwarded to you for your review and approval. Although rarely needed, this process is seamless and the delivery of your completed project will not be delayed beyond the requested due date and time as a result.
  • Conformance to assignment guidelines: As a final quality assurance check, our editors review your completed project to ensure that all assignment requirements, including the citation style and requested format (if applicable) have been satisfied. We even provide several writing guides to help our clients understand the ins-and-outs of the most commonly used citations style such as APA, MLA and Harvard.

Following the completion of the quality assurance checks and approval by our editors, you will receive an email notification that includes a link to your finished assignment so you can download and review it for approval. In addition, all completed orders include a cover sheet that describes how to use the model essay, research paper or other academic writing assignment including the appropriate way to citing the work completed by our company.

Step #4: Revisions (as required)

Our careful diligence in performing the quality assurance checks in step #3 helps avoid the need for revisions, but in the rare event these are required, you can use step #4 to communicate your additional needs to your assigned writer who will make every effort to accommodate these additional requirements immediately but within 48-72 hours in any event. Following the completion of any revisions or additions, the same quality assurance procedures outlined above are again applied by our editors to ensure that your finished work product conforms to our high quality standards.

Please note that step #4 cannot be used to order new material beyond the original assignment guidelines, and is only available in those isolated cases where our writers or quality assurance staff overlooked something. In other words, the addition of new material beyond the original assignment guidelines requires a new contract beginning with step #1 as illustrated above. To ensure that you understand the process, please carefully review our terms of service and revision policies concerning these issues.

Benefits of Our Custom Essay Writing Service

Besides our total commitment to high quality essay and other academic writing services, our clientele also enjoy a wide array of benefits from using our services, including the following:

  • Highly experienced and talented American academic writers: As an American owned and operated company, we take pride in the quality of our writers. If you’ve spent any time at all searching for a reputable and reliable essay writing service, you’ve undoubtedly come across some providers that claim they feature native English speakers as writers, but it has been our experience that many of these fly-by-night operators employ low-paid writers from other countries where English is not the native language – and it shows. Our writers are also experienced in completing assignments in American, British, Australian, Canadian and UK English, including the phraseologies that are unique to each.
  • World-class customer service: Besides being able to communicate directly with your writer through the process through our message board, our professional and friendly customer service staff stands ready to answer any questions or provide you with assistance at any point. We also offer several different ways to contact our customer service staff, including telephonically at 732.917.4119, toll-free at 866.707.2737, by email at [email protected] or through our Facebook page.
  • Request a specific writer at no extra charge: Unlike many of our competitors, you can request a specific writer for your essay writing assignments at no additional charge. This feature is especially useful for students who may be working on lengthier projects that extend over several months who need continuity throughout the assignment.
  • Free writing guides and examples: Besides help our clients with their writing assignments, we are also committed to helping them become more proficient writers as well so we provide several free but useful writing guides and examples that describe how to get started, ways to select appropriate topics, examples of different types of essays and how to use different citation styles.
  • Free title pages and bibliographies: Unlike many of our competitors, our company provides free title pages and bibliographies (according to the requested citation style) for all orders.

Custom Writing Prices

Pricing for custom essay depends on a number of factors, including the writing level (high school through graduate levels), the requested delivery date, and the number of pages required. Some pricing examples based on the requested delivery date are presented below.

Writing / Rewriting Prices:

15+ days: $18.00 per page
7-14 days: $19.00 per page
5-6 days: $22.00 per page
3-4 days: $26.00 per page
2 day: $30.00 per page
1 day: $35.00 per page
8-23 hours: $39.00 per page

College Application Editing Prices:

15+ days: $8.00 per page
7-14 days: $9.00 per page
5-6 days: $10.00 per page
3.4 days: $11.00 per page
2 days: $12.00 per page
1 day: $13.00 per page
8-23 hours: $14.00 per page

Editing Prices:

If you already have a completed academic writing project but want to ensure that it is the best possible effort, we provide professional proofreading and editing services. Our writers can identify any problems in content, organization and citation style, as well as generally improving the quality of the assignment. Naturally, editing services are priced substantially lower than custom writing services as shown below:

15 days+: $8.00 per page
7-14 days: $9.00 per page
5-6 days: $10.00 per page
3-4 days: $11.00 per page
2 days: $12.00 per page
1 day: $13.00 per page
8-23 hours: $14.00 per page

Optional Order Addons:

Our company also offers a number of add-on editing features that many of our clients have found useful over the years, including the following:

1-page summary: $9.00
Priority support: $5.45
Paper storage: $3.85
Shortcut guide: $4.45
SMS text alerts: $3.45

Verified Student Testimonials

The following testimonials are representative of the hundreds of comments we receive from our satisfied clientele:

  • “I always use your services and will continue to do so and ONLY with you, because you all are honest and do exactly what you promise.” — Terrie M.
  • “You guys do a great job! You’ve always been on time with my orders and have always done exactly what I have asked. Keep up the good work!” — Envy M.
  • “My experience was 100% satisfactory. The paper I ordered was top-quality and written exactly to my specifications. The customer support I received was very friendly and helpful. I will certainly use you again in the future.” — Steven H.
  • “I have had all positive experiences. I will recommend your service to everyone I know. Thank you!” — Charlotte H.
  • “The team has been wonderful and a lifesaver to me. I really appreciate their assistance.” – Chris V.

Final Notes

If you’ve read this far, we trust you have learned enough about us to answer all of your questions and are ready to place an order. If so, please click below to get started.

order custom writing

If you have any additional questions about our custom writing service, please visit our FAQ page here or contact one of our friendly customer service staff at 732.917.4119, toll-free at 866.707.2737, by email at [email protected] or through our Facebook page.

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